CEO and President of Mix1 Life Addresses Share Price and Has Commenced Action Against Seeking Potential Short Seller

mix1_blueberry_NB1SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Aug. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – mix1 Life, Inc., (MIXX) Cameron Robb, CEO and President has commenced action against seeking potential short seller.

The Company will commence an action against potential short seller and anyone else that we discover to be responsible in connection with the result of our stock price being impacted by irregular trading patterns. We have full intention to recover the damages caused to the Company and its shareholders. The Company also intends to provide the information it discovers to the relevant regulatory authorities for potential criminal investigation into the activities of the short seller and associates. The Company will file a complaint with the regulatory authorities regarding this matter. In addition, the Financial Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) will be notified of potential market manipulation and unusual activity in the market for the Company’s stock.

“I believe that some investors were panicked into selling their positions or were forced out by market limit orders,” said Cameron Robb, President and CEO of Mix1 Life, Inc. “We noted a very suspicious and rapid rise in short selling activity. This information will be forwarded to the appropriate regulatory authorities. We will aggressively pursue all available remedies against anyone responsible for such blatant market manipulation. Over the past several months, we have successfully executed on our growth strategy and significantly increased our total number of retailers selling mix1 and No Fear. We have added several new stores and distributors and expanded our geographic reach, including entering into our first international distribution agreement. With the recent acquisition of the No Fear brand asset, we also increased our product portfolio and have been successful leveraging our selling and operating systems for both Mix1 and No Fear while accelerating the growth of both brands.”

CEO’s Statement to its Shareholders:

Many shareholders have reached out to ask, what is the reason for the stock declining when the business is accelerating? Quite frankly, it confuses me more then it does the shareholder that asks the question. In a very short period of time on very low volume the  momentum of our stock declining has been crazy. This is beyond frustrating as the company continues to be stronger each and every day.

The Business of mix1 has never been in better shape. We are projecting that 2015 sales are growing each and every month. We have placed our beverages on the shelves of some of the most prestigious retailers in the U.S.

It’s also worth stating that we do not control the market and are a real company with real products in the market that our consumers are demanding. We hope investors will understand that we are building the base for substantial returns over a period of years, not days or months. What we are building is real and as such requires time for execution. We’re keeping investors up to speed by fully disclosing all the retailers that add our products to their stores and the solid brand development that we witness each and every day. I can report with complete confidence that our fundamentals are strong and we see a positive outlook for mix1. We ask for your patience as we grow and hope we will have your continued support.

Today, our products are on over thousands of retail store shelves – which is a major achievement for the re-launch of the mix1 brand.

We are focused on our efforts on generating new sales and new customers in the rapidly expanding natural beverage industry. I believe that panic selling of our stock will only assist any potential short position and will not be in the best interest of a true shareholder that believes in the company and its efforts. We believe growth of sales and market reach will have a positive impact on our share price.

I welcome any shareholder to reach out and speak with myself, or our investor relations department if you are concerned about the investment you have made.

About Mix1 Life, Inc.

Mix1 Life, Inc., (“MIXX” or “mix1”), is the innovator and distributor of mix1 natural nutritional products. Here at Mix1 the philosophy is pretty simple: we only create products with natural, high-quality ingredients that are truly functional. We believe natural products are better than artificial ones and are the key to leading a healthy balanced life. As a company we want to improve people’s lives by promoting active lifestyles and overall health. Mix1 has the perfect mix to fit your life and schedule. Never again will you miss getting the necessary nutrients because you were too busy to eat. We strive to help you make healthy choices during your busy day in order to help you feel your best not only today, but every day.

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