ChaiElixir Adds Distribution in Atlanta through Maker’s Delight

EssenceExplosionNew York City, NY (July, 2015) – The growing consumer preference for healthier beverages continues to drive demand for RTD tea.[1] Current market research and sales data attributes this to a number of factors, including convenience, the perceived health benefits of tea and the shift away from high-sugar soft drinks.[2]Providing unique sparkling chai teas to its growing consumer base, ChaiElixir® ( partners with Maker’s Delight, a family-owned, Georgia- based, distribution company. Through this partnership, ChaiElixir expands the reach and distribution of its delicious tea-based beverage, increasing availability to a greater number of retail and restaurant establishments in the greater Atlanta Area.

ChaiElixir is an exclusive brand of all-natural, sparkling chai tea beverages. Each elixir is enriched by exotic, caffeinated teas, and is enhanced with fruit infusions and spices from around the world. After establishing distribution in natural and grocery retailers throughout the East Coast and Midwest in 2014, ChaiElixir recently expanded to BI-LO and Winn Dixie stores in the Southeast as well.

Available in various outlets from convenience stores to natural food retailers, ChaiElixir offers the following unique and refreshing flavors:

Essence – a cheerful blend of white peach nectar and sparkling white tea for an effervescent experience;

Fusion – smooth vanilla infused in robust oolong tea, providing a complex, bold flavor;

Vivid – sparkling green tea paired with a hint of natural citrus flavors and spices for a light, refreshing finish.

“We’re proud to partner with a family-owned, local business to represent us in the Atlanta area. Our aligned entrepreneurial spirits solidified the partnership and we look forward to building our relationship,” says Wonny Kim, CEO of ChaiElixir. “We are confident that the Atlanta community will love ChaiElixir’s subtly sweet flavors.”

With naturally occurring antioxidants and half the sugar content of standard soft drinks, ChaiElixir offers a healthy beverage and the fine, quality experience of chai in every sleek, glass bottle.  Through this partnership with Maker’s Delight distributors, ChaiElixir reaches a brand new consumer base with its delicious, sparkling Chai teas.

About ChaiElixir

ChaiElixir, LLC was established in 2012 by Wonny Kim with the purpose of providing an exquisite and quality chai experience in a bottle. With compelling visual packaging, complex yet approachable flavor profiles and just the right amount of carbonation and caffeine, the brand is positioned as a clean, new and all-natural alternative to the Ready To Drink (RTD) market.  ChaiElixir has crafted three refreshing flavors full of natural antioxidants and the right amount of caffeine to invigorate both body and mind.

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