Core Water Launches Sportcap Line

Core Water is prepping for the long, hot summer by shedding a layer. The emerging water brand – notable for its 7.4 pH, its founder, Lance Collins, and most distinctively, a custom cup-shaped overcap – is ditching that last bit of distinction as part of a sports cap line extension.

The new sports cap line will be available as a 24 oz. bottle in a few weeks, he said. Here’s a photo:

IMG_6978 (1)

The brand, which has rapidly added DSD houses like Big Geyser in New York and Polar in Massachusetts, debuted in Los Angeles via Haralambos Beverage. It’s obviously opened the marketing throttle, as you can see by the following picture:

Core Water Truck

According to Collins, Core will be wrapping trucks in both New York and L.A. soon.

Collins, who started both Fuze and NOS before selling them to the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. recently announced that he’s back in the energy drink business, with Outlaw Energy, a brand priced slightly lower than the category leaders.

As for Core, Collins said that the key driver for the brand’s growth – it sold 30,000 cases in L.A., up from 23,000 the month before, he told BevNET – is “disruptive design.”