DripDrop Now Available at Rite Aid Stores Nationwide

store-boxesSAN FRANCISCO, June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — DripDrop, a new rehydration solution for children, adults, and seniors, is now available in Rite Aid stores nationwide.

“75% of people suffer from mild to moderate dehydration on a daily basis, whether caused by illness, heat, or exercise,” said Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, DripDrop’s founder. “DripDrop is a great-tasting, efficacious solution for treating and preventing dehydration, and we are pleased to offer it as an over the counter alternative to Rite Aid customers.”

Better tasting and easier to drink than pediatric solutions, with three times more electrolytes and half the sugar of most sports drinks, DripDrop is an excellent choice for:

  • Seniors, who are generally more susceptible to dehydration than healthy adults, and are often reluctant to drink very much water because going to the bathroom is difficult. DripDrop was shown in a clinical study to absorb quickly, and participants actually urinated less.
  • People taking prescription drugs or supplements that list dry mouth or dehydration as a side effect.
  • People with chronic GI conditions who have trouble absorbing or retaining fluids. DripDrop is absorbed quickly in the duodenum and the small intestine, which can keep someone suffering from Crohn’s, Colitis, IBD, or short gut syndrome out of the hospital.
  • Children, who are more susceptible to dehydration, especially if they experience vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive sweating caused by heat, fever, or exertion.
  • Athletes love DripDrop before, during or after a workout (its quick absorption means no fluid sloshing in an athlete’s stomach).

A 2014 clinical study conducted in Singapore by DSO National Laboratories found that DripDrop hydrates 34% more effectively than water alone, and 20% more effectively than the sports drink tested.

DripDrop Natural Berry flavored powdered packets can be found in the Baby Aisle at Rite Aid. Each box contains eight 8-ounce servings that are mixed with water.

About DripDrop

DripDrop is the first ORS formula to combine medical standards of rehydration therapy and excellent taste. Our patented scientific formula improves upon international ORS standards, conforming to proven ratios of salts, sugars, potassium, and other ingredients. DripDrop precisely combines all those ingredients to maximize both taste and efficacy; this golden ratio of ingredients means DripDrop hydrates better and faster than anything else on the market. DripDrop’s innovative formula has been adopted early on by an elite group of users including US Special Forces, Olympians and top-flight athletes, Stanford University Medical Center, The Mayo Clinic, UCSF Medical Center, and leading national pharmacies. To find a store location or for more information, visit www.dripdrop.com.