Genius Juice Undergoes Facelift, Launches New Bottle Size

Genius JuiceHaving recently secured new distribution and retail placement in Southern California, Genius Juice, which produces a line of high pressure processed (HPP) organic coconut smoothies, has refined its branding, reduced its product offerings and unveiled a new 12 oz. bottle. The revamp will debut in August at retailers across California, including all Whole Foods stores in the retailer’s Southern Pacific region, according to company co-founder Alex Bayer.

Among the updates to its branding comes a revised logo with an updated font that — as compared to the previous iteration — now magnifies “Genius” and de-emphasizes “Juice,” The name of each flavor variety is also twice as large, and the brand’s “Coconut Head” image is significantly larger. Genius Juice labels also include a black bar above the logo that calls out the products’ organic, non-GMO and dairy-free formulation.

“Our end goal is to catch consumers’ eyes when they are scanning the shelf,” Bayer said in an e-mail to BevNET. “As the phrase goes, ‘bigger is better,’ and we wanted to be bold and really pop on the shelf with this major revamp to our label.”

Despite Bayer’s declaration, the company went both smaller and bigger with its new 12 oz. bottle. Genius Juice products had been offered in two bottle sizes, 16 oz. and 8 oz., but as part of the company’s repositioning, Bayer said the company is able to streamline and reduce costs and achieve a price point that is competitive with other brands in the HPP juice and smoothie set. Moreover, Bayer noted that a single 12 oz. bottle “just makes things easier for the distributor, retailer, and ultimately, the consumer.”

“We have received countless feedback from Whole Foods and customers alike that the 16 oz. was too much product to drink in one sitting at too high of a price point, and the 8 oz was not enough and leaves a customer wanting more,” he said. “The 12 oz. strikes that perfect balance at the perfect price point.”

Genius Juice has trimmed underperforming varieties from its portfolio, including its Apple, Beet, Kale and Berry smoothies, and is now focused on three products: the brand’s original coconut smoothie, a coffee coconut smoothie — blended with fair trade coffee and cacao — and a coconut water. The smoothies, which use made with organic coconut meat and coconut water as a base, will retail for $6.79 and the coconut water will sell for $5.49.

Bayer explained that the reduction in its product line stemmed from an “overwhelming response” for its original coconut smoothie from retailers and a less-is-more approach to retailing. He noted that “instead of facing five different flavors in two different sizes, we now have one size, and we are quadruple facing our flagship product.”

With the brand represented by Hi-Touch Distribution in Southern California, Genius Juice is sold in all 52 Whole Foods locations in Southern California and recently landed placement chainwide at Gelson’s, which operates 18 speciality grocery stores in the region.