Healthy Beverages Appoints Bill Sipper to Corporate Advisory Board

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, (March 23, 2015) – Healthy Beverages, LLC the creator of the World’s Only Premium Craft Ready-to-Drink Malt Beverage, COCO Cocktail, is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Bill Sipper to the Corporate Advisory Board.  Healthy Beverages, LLC is preparing for the commercial launch of the first COCO Cocktail product introduction COCO MANGO, a mango margarita flavored Ready-to-Drink 5.5% ABV malt beverage.

Bill Sipper is Managing Partner at Cascadia Managing Brands and is one of the food and beverage industry‘s bright stars, having held senior-level positions at several of the top beverage marketers in the world. His market reach and depth of knowledge of the food and beverage industry includes North America, Asia, Europe as well as Central and South America. Sipper’s track record for helping develop rising brands is unparalleled and will be key to any brand’s development and deployment.

COCO Cocktail is the first Craft product offering in the Ready-to-Drink Malt market. COCO Mango is a Low Carb and Low Calorie mango margarita malt RTD made with only All Natural & Organic Ingredients including; All Natural Young Green Tender Coconut Water, Organic GrandFusion, All Natural African Mango Seed, Premium Malt and is carbonated to create a light and refreshing cocktail.  COCO Cocktail is preparing for the initial commercial launch of COCO Mango in select Florida and Texas markets.

“I truly enjoy working with white space breaking, category breaking beverages and that is clearly what Coco Cocktail is offering”, stated Mr. Sipper. “Coco Cocktail is a high profit category the retailers, distributors, and consumers probably have never drank—a premium craft brewed malt beverage using 70% coconut water combined additional premium and beneficial ingredients.”

“We are proud and very fortunate to have Mr. Sipper as part of the Healthy Beverages team.  Mr. Sipper’s experience in the beverage industry is unrivalled and we are excited to receive his guidance in launching our initial product offering COCO MANGO and building a highly successful COCO Cocktail brand name,” commented Healthy Beverages, LLC CEO Mr. Franz