Luminate Nutrition Launches ZIG Portable Protein Shake

gI_59753_PRESS-IMAGEBoston, MA (PRWEB) February 18, 2015–Luminate Nutrition, LLC announced today the launch of ZIG Portable Protein Shake, a just-add-water product designed to make it easier for consumers to use protein powder while on-the-go or away from home. Each ZIG includes a 20 gram serving of premium whey protein powder freshly sealed inside a pouch.

Designed to be a pre or post workout protein shake, or a healthy snack between meals, ZIG offers revolutionary packaging that helps people make healthy choices in their on-the-go lifestyle. For a fresh protein shake, the consumer only needs to add water, shake, and drink. The MixingMesh inside the ZIG pouch breaks up clumps of powder for a smooth drink and acts like the mixing ball inside a traditional blending bottle. The unique packaging design is the first of its kind.

“People are recognizing the values and benefits of using protein powder,” said Kathy Glabicky, founder ofKathy G’s Tread Tabata, one of Shape Magazine’s 2014 Hottest Female Trainers, and ZIG Advisory Board Member. “Every day I’m encouraging my clients to consume protein just after their workouts.”

ZIG found that although 66% of protein powder consumers drink protein powder at the gym or while they are away from home, they don’t think that there is a great portable solution currently in the marketplace. Research studies revealed that consumers said traditional methods of transporting protein powder is messy, difficult, and not portable.

“If you look at what’s out there, blending bottles are clunky and can smell bad if not washed right away. Scooping protein powder into a baggie and mixing it at the gym is messy, and ready-to-drink shake are heavier to carry and not always cold when my clients want them,” said Glabicky. “With ZIG, my clients can just add water, shake and drink whenever and wherever they want.”

ZIG is launching just in time for National Nutrition Month, which occurs every March and is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

“Whey protein powder is a great nutritional tool because it’s full of amino acids that help build lean muscles and keep hunger at bay,” said Dr. Nancy Dragoon, M.D., Doctor of Internal Medicine and Weight Management, and ZIG Advisory Board Member. “As a physician focusing on a healthy lifestyle, I’m always encouraging people to make better choices when looking for snacks in between meals. Whey protein is always a great choice because it curbs hunger and controls your appetite. With 20 grams of protein and only 140 calories per serving, ZIG offers a smarter snack choice in a convenient package.”

ZIG is currently available in Vanilla and Chocolate. For information on where to buy ZIG, visit

About ZIG

ZIG was created for the go-getters. The hustlers. The never-say-no-ers. The on-the-go, can’t sit still, seize the day-ers. You’re busy – we know it. Making healthy choices can be hard when the going gets tough. ZIG makes it easy: fill, shake, drink. 20g of fresh premium whey protein. At the gym, work or anywhere else – ZIG goes where you go. Learn more at

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