New on Project NOSH: NSF Emerges as New Player in Non-GMO Certification

nsf_non-gmo_ge_mark_116x122-1As more consumers become aware of genetically modified organisms/ingredients (often referred to as GMOs) — if not the science behind their development — many are increasingly adopting products that are certified as “Non-GMO.” As a result, many brands, particularly in the natural channel, have turned to a non-profit organization called The Non-GMO Project, which for a fee will examine the makeup of a product, including an accounting of its supply lines, to ensure that it does not contain GMOs. While for years the Non-GMO Project has held a virtual monopoly on certification, NSF International, a global independent organization that writes standards as well as tests and certifies products for the food, water, health sciences, and consumer goods industries, is now launching its own program.

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