Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Expands Distribution, Launches Three New Varieties

Secret SquirrelLOS ANGELES, CA – Secret Squirrel Cold Brew announces expanded distribution and the rollout of 3 new dairy-based cold brew coffee beverages.

Owners Trevor and Rebecca Smith founded Secret Squirrel Cold Brew in 2012 and began selling at a local farmers market. The smooth cold brew coffee quickly made Secret Squirrel a Sunday morning favorite.

Supported by top-notch outfits UNFI, Dairy Delivery, and Kehe/Nature’s Best, the coffee company has vastly amplified its reach and broadened its access to more natural foods stores. Trevor notes they expect to be stocked in over 1,000 stores in 2015, including Wholefoods, Vons/Safeway, Fresh & Easy, and Sheetz.

Trevor and Rebecca began Secret Squirrel to share their passion for high quality cold brew coffee and to create remarkable experiences for their customers. They have always envisioned the business as something more than a coffee company; most notably, as a design and experience company. They intend to utilize the business a platform to launch new ventures and products.

As the business has grown they’ve recognized a greater desire to create growth opportunities for their workers and give back to the community. Rebecca says, “Giving back to the community, and being socially and environmentally conscious are important to us – we’ll become a B Corporation this year to exhibit our beliefs and support the movement.”

On top of their widespread distribution, Secret Squirrel is introducing 3 new dairy-based cold brew coffee drinks – Caffe Latte, Vietnamese Latte, and Dark Chocolate Mocha. The products are made with California family-farmed milk through a partnership with Dairy Goddess. And in the near future, coffee-seeking customers should keep their eyes open for Secret Squirrel’s next cold brew coffee offerings, a vegan latte and a carbonated coffee concoction.


Based in Los Angeles, Secret Squirrel Cold Brew makes cold brew coffee products, available as concentrate, ready-to-drink, and latte beverages. Their coffee beans are organic, Fair Trade certified and Non-GMO verified.  They can be found in most specialty natural grocery stores. Secret Squirrel is committed to using business as a force for good.

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