AQUA Carpatica Now Available at Gelson’s Markets

unnamedNEW YORK, May 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AQUA Carpatica, the world’s only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water, announces today the continued expansion of U.S. distribution for its naturally sparkling mineral and still spring varieties. With its introduction at Gelson’s Markets, AQUA Carpatica continues its national launch of the purest water on Earth, derived from the last wild forest in Europe.

AQUA Carpatica offers naturally untouched mineral and spring waters of the highest quality, generated from a unique land deep within the Carpathian Mountains. With no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, AQUA Carpatica’s source is protected from chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants providing consumers with a healthier alternative and more transparent label.

Jean Valvis, President and General Director of Valvis Holdings, the parent company of AQUA Carpatica, is proud to share AQUA Carpatica’s uniquely pure waters with consumers in the U.S., noting that “AQUA Carpatica is a serious competitor within the water category internationally, having achieved great success as a brand meeting consumer demand for zero-nitrate mineral water – success we look forward to building upon as we continue to expand in the United States.”

Nitrate-free and naturally sparkling, AQUA Carpatica has a range of health benefits. Due to its unique concentration of calcium and magnesium, it is particularly suited for athletes and people with high levels of physical activity, and its naturally sparkling attributes also help aid in digestion. Both the sparkling and still varieties are also sodium-free, nitrate-free, contain natural electrolytes, a high pH and an excellent taste, which makes AQUA Carpatica the perfect choice for people on a low sodium diet and for those suffering from high blood pressure. Its natural purity also makes AQUA Carpatica an excellent choice for pregnant women, young children and for use in infant formula. Being naturally mineralized in a perfect balance of electrolytes, AQUA Carpatica confers an excellent refreshing and pleasant, clean taste.

AQUA Carpatica is dedicated to educating consumers regarding the consequences of nitrates in drinking water, as exemplified by the brand’s international campaigns enacted to inform the public about the content of their drinking water. In the U.S., there is currently no specific recommendation regarding nitrates and infants that differs from the 10 mg/l NO3-N Maximum Contaminant Level limit for adults, whereas countries like Austria, France, Germany, and Italy have enacted protective legislation requiring nitrate content lower than 2.27 mg/l NO3-N in order to claim the product is healthy for infants.

AQUA Carpatica will be available at Gelson’s Markets beginning April 28th 2016, with national availability to follow. For more information, visit

About AQUA CarpaticaAQUA Carpatica comes from springs deep within the Carpathian Mountains – an ancient land where time seems to stand still, leaving only the pristine beauty of nature and history. It’s the last wild forest in Europe, and with no agriculture or industrial activity in the surrounding areas, it’s like going back to a time before chemicals, fertilizers, CFCs and other contaminants even existed.

With AQUA Carpatica, purity and taste go hand in hand. Millions of years of volcanic activity have filtered impurities at the source and endowed our water with its unrivaled flavor. AQUA Carpatica’s sparkling mineral water is the only nitrate-free, naturally sparkling mineral water on Earth.

AQUA Carpatica’s springs have been preserved from the beginning of time and they’ll be protected for thousands of years more. Taste AQUA Carpatica, a taste bestowed by nature, a spring safeguarded by nature.

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