Banjo Cold Brew Launches In Augusta, Georgia


Augusta, GA; Decatur, GA – Banjo Cold Brew Coffee is pleased to announce its official debut in the Augusta area and is encouraging folks to “Caffeinate Responsibly” with their nitro on tap and bottles on hand in area stores. The Hive and The Bee’s Knees carry Banjo nitro on tap, as well as bottles, and Whole Foods Market of Augusta carries bottles of Banjo Sweetly Tuned and Pitch Black.

Banjo feels responsible to your taste buds, the environment, and to others. Brewed and bottled locally with loving care, Banjo launched March 2015 at area farmers markets in Atlanta, with an overwhelmingly positive reception. Plans for expansion into additional markets, as well as, increasing product availability in stores, are currently underway.

Want to know what the founders think?

“Authenticity is the key ingredient to our success,” says Billy Atchison, Brewmaster and The Guy at Banjo Cold Brew. “I think people taste the difference from that first sip. You realize the difference in the beans and our brew styles – the flavors and the profile. Also, I’m from Alabama and literally have a banjo tattooed on my knee. So yeah, we’re pretty authentic.”

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised at the positive momentum surrounding our launch,” added Chasidy Atchison, partner of Banjo and in life with Billy, as well as The Marketing Gal. “Not only are customers thrilled with the taste, but they also want to support a company who does business locally, while keeping sustainability and social responsibility at the forefront. That’s our mission.”

“Being part of the craft coffee movement, Banjo sets itself apart by focusing on excellence,” stated Sebastian Kegel, who does The Numbers. “We want to make sure we’re producing the best quality cold brew coffee and doing what we can to set ethical standards for ourselves, our suppliers and our vendors.”

About The Brew

A libation for the most perceptive of palates. Our artisan-roasted, specialty-grade beans from exotic origins are brewed in cold water for an obscene amount of time (18-24 hours) producing a smooth, naturally tasty beverage:

  • Notes of natural chocolate/caramel flavors result from the cold brew process
  • Original and Sweetened flavors are currently available in 32oz Howlers and single serve bottles
  • 67% less acidic than hot brewed
  • Mixes great in recipes and cocktails
  • All-natural, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and lactose free
  • $2.50 of every bag purchased goes to a food and farm-based charity
  • Grinds are repurposed into body scrubs and recycled for compost
  • Can be served over ice or heated

More information on the coffee, events where you can meet the Banjo team and sample the product, as well as retail locations all can be found at

About Banjo Cold Brew

Banjo Coffee is a three-person band out of Atlanta, Georgia. We are comprised of Billy & Chasidy Atchison (husband and wife) and Sebastian Kegel. Combining our love of coffee, decades of marketing and product knowledge, and logistic and financial backgrounds, not to mention our keen senses of wit and creative extracts, we bring multiple levels of experience to this product. Our vision is to create and maintain a sustainable and ethical company while crafting the best cold brew coffee ever. Caffeinate Responsibly!