Buckeye State Soda Inks Distribution Deal with Real Soda

Buckeye State Soda Inks Distribution Deal with Real SodaCincinnati, Ohio (August 19, 2016) – Greatly increasing it’s national footprint, Buckeye State Soda, LLC in Cincinnati, Ohio, makers of Buckeye State Scarlet Soda, has entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with Real Soda in Real Bottle, LTD based in Gardena, California for distribution in the states of California, Arizona, Nevada & Utah. Real Soda in Real Bottles will also be distributing Scarlet Soda to many other states through their “sodaffiliates” around the country.

Buckeye State Soda is a small family owned company in Cincinnati, Ohio that owns the brand Buckeye State Scarlet Soda. Real Soda in Real Bottles, LTD is a distributor of glass bottle craft sodas since 1991. Real Soda began distributing Scarlet Soda this August and is focused on both “on-premise” and retail business. Danny Ginsburg of Real Soda has stated his delight in having the opportunity to distribute this unique regional soda often through social media and is touting Scarlet Soda as “the red soda from the purple state”.

Unlike most red soda’s, Buckeye State Scarlet Soda is not a cream soda but rather harkens back nearly 100 years with it’s uniquely sweet fruit flavor that is more in line with the families beginnings at the soda fountains in the their apothecaries in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is sweetened with natural cane sugar and bottled exclusively in glass bottles. The Buckeye State Soda webpage states that Buckeye State Scarlet Soda “makes no excuses for it’s sweet deliciousness. In 12 oz. bottles it is treat to be enjoyed and not a gallon to be gulped…we know you will agree, life is better with a few simple indulgences.”

Buckeye State Soda, LLC is owned by Root Naturals, LLC which also produces a line of All Natural Apothecary Sodas in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.