Cascadia Managing Brands Releases List of Top 250 New York City Retailers

Cascadia Managing Brands, leading brand managers and consultants to the food and beverage industry, released their list of 250+ key food and beverage retailers in New York City. The list is based on shear volume and the prestige the account offers the food or beverage companies being sold in those accounts.

The list ranges from gourmet shops to natural food markets to cafes to caterers and even butcher shops. “Most food and beverage companies are very misinformed,” states Bill Sipper, Managing Partner at Cascadia Managing Brands. “Most brands do not launch initially at places like 7-11 or Safeway, or even Whole Foods these days, and become consumer hits overnight. Before you secure distribution in those types of stores you have to already have a consumer following to assure the necessary volume levels those types of retailers demand. Success starts with being in the right stores and doing the right things in those stores to add volume for your company and the retail store.”

Cascadia Managing Brands Releases Revised List of Top 250 NYC Retailers--Gourmet Garage, Blue Apron and Garden of Eden Top List

In New York City for example, Cascadia has developed a list of the top 250 key retailers that need to be selling your food and beverage products if you want to be the next “overnight success” story. Almost every city has their own list and it is very important for brand owners to make sure they secure distribution in these types of accounts.” The top three food and beverage accounts in New York City, ranked by volume and prestige, are Gourmet Garage, Blue Apron, and Garden of Eden. “Some of these accounts can make or break a new brand,” adds Sipper.

Gourmet Garage tops the list because of the image their stores offer, their volume to the “right” consumer, and their speed to market for new food and beverage brands. “Large retailers like Whole Foods and Fairway, for example, only review their store sections once per year. Gourmet Garage review products monthly. They do a great job of selecting the right new key items and support new brands.”
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