Drew Jacobson Named Bing’s New Director of Sales

Lakewood, Colorado – August 2016 – Inspiration Beverage Company, LLC, d/b/a BING Beverage Company (“Bing”) of Lakewood, Colorado is proud to announce that Drew Jacobson has been promoted to Director of Sales for the Company.

In this capacity, Drew will be the top manager in charge of the development of national sales strategy and the implementation of daily sales efforts throughout the country. BING has employed Drew for over three years and has recognized the benefits he provides the organization based on his vast experience in the produce industry – working as a produce broker, and on the sales side of a produce grower operation.


Since joining BING, Drew has worked as a Key Relationship Manager (KRM) working with retailers, distributors, and brokers across the country. In this capacity, Drew has not only excelled in managing such relationships and driving the BING business, but has also mentored others being groomed for the role. “Drew has been a valuable asset and we expect to see great improvement to our sales strategy and execution as a result of this promotion,” said BING Executive VP Susan Seckman.

About Bing:

Bing Beverage Co. was founded in 2007 by a husband and wife team in Denver, Colorado, determined to bring consumers a great tasting, healthy pick-me-up. Today, four refreshing Bing flavors are available – all made with Bing Cherry Juice – in over 12,000 stores across the country.

For more information about Bing Beverage Company please contact:Marketing at Info@BingBeverage.com or visit www.GotBing.com