Expo West 2016 Video: GoodBelly’s Probiotic Pipeline

GoodBelly, a leading brand of probiotic beverages, recently launched two refreshment-focused product lines and showcased each at Natural Products Expo West 2016.

In an interview at Expo West, GoodBelly CEO Alan Murray explained that the development of GoodBelly Sparkling Drink and GoodBelly Ade stems from an innovation strategy that seeks to “constantly rejuvenate the energy behind probiotics.”

Since the brand’s inception in 2006, GoodBelly has marketed a variety of probiotic-infused beverages and supplements, including juices and oat-based shots. Amid rising demand for light and sparkling drinks, GoodBelly consumers asked the company to create a refreshing, yet efficacious, option.

The new products deliver on that taste profile and function, Murray said. They also represent a technological breakthrough for GoodBelly: each is formulated with 20 billion probiotics cultures per serving. Murray said infusing that level of probiotics has never been accomplished before and noted that he doesn’t “think anyone’s going to be able to copy” the technology in the near future.

Although Murray describes probiotics as “among the hottest and fastest growing categories in natural and conventional grocery,” it’s taken some time to get there. Yet while GoodBelly might have a been a little ahead of its time, Murray believes that the company has an edge over competitors because it has already “made the mistakes that others still have to make.”

Watch this video for much more about the development of the new products as well as some insight into GoodBelly’s innovation pipeline and how it assesses the marketability of new products. Murray also offers his view on U.S. consumers’ level of awareness for probiotics as compared to the rest of the world.