Finzi Launches Los Angeles-Based Kombucha Delivery Service

LOS ANGELES, August 23, 2016 – Finzi, a subscription-based kombucha delivery product, is currently accepting pre-orders for its inaugural delivery Sunday, September 25th.  Finzi’s product will consist exclusively of the most exceptional kombucha from the finest kombucha breweries, curated into a beautiful and delectable experience hand-delivered straight to the door of its customers.

The pioneering company has sourced kombucha from popular, lesser-known, and sometimes obscure breweries from across the country.  Finzi hopes to broaden the palate of customers while raising awareness to the universe of diversity of the sky-rocketing kombucha market.  Finzi provides access to kombucha brands and flavors customers would otherwise be required to travel large distances to obtain.

Finzi’s Motifs are available in 7, 14, or 21-bottle packages.  Motifs can be delivered as often as once every week, stepping down in frequency to every second, third, or fourth week.  Finzi also offers a pick-up option for customers who want their kombucha sooner.  Customers pay only one price per package with no added initiation fees, delivery fees, or cancellation fees.

The company was founded by Paul Cristo and Jessie Reider, kombucha enthusiasts who grew tired of their weekends consisting of driving to multiple stores around Los Angeles just to pick up their favorite kombucha brands.  “The response from kombucha breweries around the country has been inspiring,” says co-founder Jessie Reider.  “We’re thrilled with the opportunity to help smaller breweries access the desirable Los Angeles market.”

Finzi touts a remarkably small carbon footprint for a company based entirely on hand-delivery.  “Every part of our company is green,” according to co-founder Paul Cristo.  “When we can’t reuse materials we ensure they’re recyclable.  “Even our delivery cars are electric.”
Finzi plans to expand its service area soon after its launch.

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Finzi LLC
Paul Cristo, Co-Founder