H2rOse Releases a New Lower Sugar, Lower Calorie Formula

bottle_mangoLos Angeles, CA: H2rOse is an all-natural, ready to drink, rose water beverage infused with saffron and other natural ingredients that hydrate while also providing additional health benefits including, but not limited to, mood enhancement, improvement of skin tone and texture, and ease of digestion. At only 60 calories per bottle, H2rOse was able to reduce its sugar content without compromising the great flavor.

The reformulation comes after customers’ requests a beverage with less sugar but the same great taste. “Our customers wanted a low calorie version of the drink with all of the benefits of the rose water and saffron and we heard them,” says Kia Illulian, President and Co-Founder of H2rOse. “Our customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we’re very happy with the result of the new lower calorie recipe.”

H2rOse is available for purchase at select stores across the nation and online at www.drinkh2rose.com.

About H2rOse: H2rOse is a specialty beverage uniquely made of rose water, saffron and other natural ingredients. Rose water helps to enhance your mood; it aids with the relief of occasional nervous tensions and soothes the mind. Rose water is also known to help with a better quality sleep. Saffron which also dates back to ancient times is another natural remedy that supports many functions. Saffron eases digestion, soothes irritated stomachs, enhances your mood, reduces occasional anxiety and compulsive desires to eat. The combination of both of these distinct ingredients and the crisp, light and refreshing taste of H2rOse provides you with a beautiful beverage that will allow you to reap the benefits of health and beauty from within.