Herbal Fix Functional Beverages Now Available in the United States

active-can-new-v4(PRWEB) JULY 07, 2016–Herbal Fix, a company based out of Sydney, Australia that produces tasty drinks that provide specific health benefits for the human body, is pleased to announce its product line is soon to be available in the United States.

Founder, Paul Kavadas, who was keen to develop a variety of great tasting beverages designed to promote health and wellbeing, established Herbal Fix in 2013. Paul has been an active herbalist for years and he knew the power of herbs all too well, having gained that knowledge from his wife who is a compounding pharmacist. Paul Kavadas and Jim Kolovos – the company’s General Manager – and in conjunction with their product development team which included two food scientists designed six unique formulations comprising organic herbs, vitamins and minerals using all natural ingredients and no added sugar to make the power of herbal beverages readily available to the mainstream consumer.

“There is a high demand for drinks with health benefits in the US Market and we hope to fill that void,” said Frank Remoundos, Business Development Manager for Herbal Fix. “ Now people can stop drinking sugary drinks like soda and fruit juice and indulge in a flavorful beverage with proven health benefits. ”

Herbal Fix products contain a large number of naturally occurring substances that have biological activity and compounds from plants. Along with thousands of years of experimentation around the world, there is a growing body of modern scientific knowledge showing that herbs can play an effective role in preventative and proactive approach to health care. BEAUTY, SHAPE, FOCUS, LOVE, ACTIVE and RELAX are the drinks, named after the health benefits each provides.

“We are excited to be able to reach more people than ever to provide them with quality, functional drinks they can benefit from,” Remoundos said. “With Herbal Fix our plan is to get our products into the USA as soon as possible.”

Herbal Fix drinks have no sugar added. Herbal Fix was at the ECRM in Tampa represented by Nutritional Products International. For more information visit the company website http://www.herbalfix.com