LifeAID Hires Former Vita Coco Executives Dan Leja and Jordan Shulman

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., March 3, 2016 – LifeAID Beverage Company has added two former directors of category leader Vita Coco to its growing team. Dan Leja and Jordan Shulman are set to help catapult the rapid growth of LIfeAID into mainstream retail. Mr. Leja joins the team as the VP of Sales and Distribution, and Mr. Shulman comes over as the VP of Sales and National Accounts. Most recently, Mr. Leja was of Director of Distribution for Vita Coco. Previous to that, he held several other high profile posts within Red Bull and PepsiCo. Mr. Shulman oversaw the management of major retailers as Director of National Accounts for Vita Coco. His other positions have included various notable roles within Fosters Group and Scottish & Newcastle.

LifeAID President Aaron Hinde says, “We could not be more excited to announce the addition of these two industry heavyweights to Team LifeAID. Jordan and Dan are the ultimate go-getters, and a perfect cultural fit for our ever growing team of “A” players. We believe their experience will be invaluable as we execute our strategy for expansion into natural and traditional retail. Going forward, they will be responsible for building out our sales organization and retail presence.”

Mr. Shulman says “Dan and I were so impressed with what LifeAID has accomplished in such a short period of time, as well as their plan going forward. We simply couldn’t turn down the opportunity to help develop LifeAID into the major player it is poised to become.”

The addition of Leja and Shulman coincides with the launch of three new LifeAid products: FocusAID – designed to enhance mental acuity in the workplace and on campus without the high sugar and high caffeine of energy drinks; TravelAID – developed to boost the immune system while traveling; FitAID Fuel pouch – a revolutionary, clean, convenient athletic snack, and the company’s first non-beverage offering.

FocusAID soft launched on-line this week, eclipsing $50K in sales during the first 2 days.

About LifeAID:

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde, LifeAID is focused on developing and bringing to market premium, healthy and convenient nutritional products to supplement your active lifestyle. After the success of the company’s recovery product, FitAID, the company, quickly moved on to GolferAID and PartyAID. FocusAID, TravelAID and FitAID Fuel are the company’s latest additions, with more products under development.