Penta Water Announces Packaging Redesign and New Additions to its Portfolio

3690032d-afb1-46ab-938e-4186ece4c12cLos Angeles, Calif. (Feb 24, 2016) Purity purveyor Penta Water is set to introduce the latest additions to the company’s growing portfolio of premium and sophisticated water products. Penta’s redesign to its flagship bottle embodies the look and feel its consumers have come to expect with a new sleek, modern, and advanced aesthetic. The redesign represents Penta’s commitment to providing consumers with the purist form of water possible.

“We believe purity is bigger than a product. It’s an ethos. We believe in purity of intention and of action. So we’ve taken those values of purity and implemented them into every aspect of our business, from the water to the design of the new bottle itself”, says Ezekiel Duran, Director of Marketing and Sales.

Penta will unveil its redesign and new product line extensions including new 12 OZ and 23 OZ bottles. The 23 OZ bottle will also be available with a sports cap top convenient for an active lifestyle.

The 2016 summer redesign maintains Penta’s commitment to purity and simplicity, mirroring the ultra pure nature of the water itself. “We’ve made a product that we’re proud of, inside and out”, Duran says.

In addition to launching its new product range, Penta has partnered with the creative workspace collective, NeueHouse, to introduce a modern 1 Liter table water bottle, perfect for a refined hospitality experience. This collaboration merges the modern sophistication of Penta’s products with the creativity and eloquence of NeueHouse. This partnership represents Penta’s commitment to providing an elevated experience for its consumers.

Retail-merchandising firm Basemakers has selected Penta’s award-winning product as its exclusive water brand, highlighting the retailer’s commitment to developing and sustaining the in-store presence of the Penta brand. Support by partners like Basemakers, co-owned by Max Baumann, founder and CEO of Just Chill, affirms Penta’s influence and growing prestige in the premium bottled water market.

“Because we’re offering category exclusivity, we’re being very selective on who we choose,” says Baumann. “We’re seeking brands that will have leadership in their categories for a long time.”


Ultra Pure – Penta’s “Ultra purified” water is distinct from standard purified water. Penta is the only ultra purified water with less than 1ppm* dissolved solids, making it at least 100x more pure than leading brands.

13/11 Process – Penta’s patented 13 step 11 hour purification process combines proven and proprietary technology to remove more impurities than any other bottled water. The result is superior hydration, purity and taste.

Refined By Physics – Penta is distinguished among bottled water companies because its 13/11 process refines with physics, not chemicals or artificial additives to alter taste or alkalinity. Penta is the first patented bottled water in the world in process and composition.