Raindrop Vitamin Drink Launches in the UK

Raindrop Vitamin Drink Launches in the UKFounded in Ireland by Michael Carney, Raindrop uses an innovative cap technology to provide a convenient, fresher vitamin drink.

After discovering that Vitamins A, B5, B12 and C lose their potency when premixed with water, Michael partnered with Incap to develop a unique, patented cap technology.

Raindrop is vitamin rich, contains 0g of sugar and is only 11 calories providing you with a healthy solution for your daily nutritional needs.

The patented Incap solution is an ingenious technical solution to this everyday nutritional problem.

By keeping the vitamins, anti-oxidents and flavours locked in an airtight cavity, Incap ensures that they stay fresher for longer, unaffected by water and light.

Simply twist and pop down the cap to break the seal and release the ingredients into the water. A quick shake of the bottle and you’re ready to enjoy a tastier, more potent vitamin drink.

Drinks available:

–       Raindrop Vitamin B Boost

–       Raindrop Vitamin C Revive

–       Raindrop Lemon & Lime

For more details visit www.raindropdrinks.com