Ramlösa Sparkling Mineral Water Launches in the United States

Sweden's no.1 Flavored Sparkling water Ramlösa launches in the USARamlösa, a mineral water range of Swedish Trading Co. has announced the launch of their flavored sparkling mineral water range.

The brand of sparkling mineral water contains no calories, no artificial colors or preservatives.

Ramlösa USA will launch Swedish fruit inspired flavors that includes: Original, Citrus, Roseberry, Raspberry & Blackberry, Mango and Strawberry. The line will launch in New York and California in selected stores nationwide. The new line is available in single-serve 11-ounce bottles that retail between $2.50 – $3.00 each.

Website: www.ramlosausa.com

Distribution: New York and selected stores nationwide

Ingredients: Carbonated water and natural fruit flavors