4 Purpose Energy Marks One-Year Anniversary

BOSTON — Sam Ronkin and his team believe they have created the best tasting organic energy drink in the Northeast.

“And maybe even in the world, if only we could distribute it everywhere,” Ronkin jokes.

This month marks the one-year anniversary since the first 18-wheeler filled with hundreds of cases of 4 Purpose Energy arrived at Ronkin’s warehouse. It was the end of one chapter that began three years ago after Ronkin observed energy drink habits of fellow college classmates — and it was the beginning of a new one.

4 Purpose Energy is now in 400 retail locations and has built a loyal following in six states, with retailers as far away as North Dakota.

“We continue to grow online and in stores,” said Ronkin, the 24 year-old entrepreneur who grew up in Sharon (Mass.).

One might call it chutzpah (ultimate fearlessness) that Ronkin and his partners dare to take on the ubiquitous industry giants who have a 3-decade head start and own a near monopoly in the U. S. and overseas. But Ronkin knows there is room for one more. Energy drink sales grew 5% from 2015 to 2016, with total energy drink sales estimated around $11 billion and growing. The drinks are most popular among a younger demographic who like the way it helps them stay awake, increases mental performance, and enables longer concentration.

Ronkin says 4 Purpose Energy has a unique niche, especially considering people want a drink with healthier, 100% natural, organic ingredients. He attributes 4 Purpose Energy’s success to several factors.

“We took one great idea – a tasty, guilt-free energy boost – then recruited a team of hard-working people, and crafted an extraordinary product using the finest ingredients with consumers’ health in mind,” said Ronkin. “We are driven by transparency and our founding principle of living life with a purpose. We’re connecting with and shipping our drinks to customers through our website and Amazon.”

Today it’s only available in raspberry pomegranate, but he promises more flavors are in the works.

Another critical differentiator, Ronkin says, is “giving our drinks a higher purpose: Education. We contribute a percent of each can’s sale to making education more accessible to children around the world who don’t have the opportunity to learn. We believe they deserve such an opportunity, as education leads to new discoveries, growth, and progress. When customers choose 4 Purpose Energy, they’re helping make this a reality. Together, we’re creating a better tomorrow, making a difference.”

Ten cents of every can sold is donated to Pencils of Promise, a non-profit which builds schools in impoverished countries. To date, 4 Purpose Energy has donated over $4,000 toward its $35,000 goal.

“Over the past year, we have had the privilege of getting to know some of our customers, store owners, and industry experts,” Ronkin said. “We have also met and gathered feedback from thousands of people through sampling events, social media, and email. One thing is clear: People love the taste of our drink and what we stand for. The proof is in our can and explains why we have so many repeat customers.”

This first year, Ronkin reports that, after trying their sampler box, store owners offer them sacred shelf space, like the owners of Bitty Bean in Bismarck, ND, who recently took delivery of their first 4 Purpose Energy pallet.

“A year ago, many retailers were hesitant,” said Ronkin. “But now they report great customer feedback and repeat business. The sky is the limit.”

Follow on Twitter: @4PurposeEnergy and Facebook. Store owners/distributors interested in carrying 4 Purpose Energy drinks, can contact Sam Ronkin directly: Sam@4PurposeEnergy.com / (833) 201-6473 / www.4PurposeEnergy.com