AriZona Gets Into Zero-Calorie Bubbles

AriZona Beverages is throwing the strength of its national brand recognition behind a new line of sparkling mineral waters, introducing another big name into the competitive zero-calorie seltzer market.

The new line, AriZona Sparkling, is set to launch in metro-New York with a nationwide launch in select stores slated for later in the summer. AriZona describes the line as a “sophisticated take on bubbles” that includes five flavors; Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Orange Grapefruit, Lemon Lime, and Black Raspberry.

Speaking to BevNET, Rick Vaccaro, vice president of national sales for AriZona, said the company plans to leverage the iced tea-associated AriZona name to make an impact in the ultra-competitive category. The company faces competition from La Croix, Sparkling ICE, Perrier, along with a plethora of private label and startup brands.

“Obviously it’s an emerging category, we felt it was in our best interest to lend a brand like AriZona to the category to help build it and benefit from that,” Vaccaro said. “Based off the success of La Croix, which is dominating in the category, we are expanding as we’ve done through the years.”

As consumers continue to shift consumption away from carbonated soft drinks, AriZona’s iced teas have managed to pick up business from former soda drinkers, Vaccaro said, and the company expects its natural sparkling mineral water line will benefit organically from the trend.

“We are coming out with a premium brand product and we feel that we can compete,” he said.

The AriZona Sparkling line is packaged in slim matte cans and the suggested retail price is $4.99-$5.99 for an 8-pack.

There are currently no plans for a significant advertising campaign for the new line, Vaccaro said. Instead, AriZona will focus on smaller promotions once the line has launched into its national accounts.

“AriZona is still a very young company, all things considered, when you go up against the giants, the Cokes and Pepsis of the world, that have not only colas but have teas and water and isotonics, and they’re in this category as well,” Vaccaro said. “AriZona has always prided itself in great taste, wonderful packaging, and a value to the consumer. That’s our primary goal and we’ve always been able to reach that goal.”