Big Swig Sparkling Water Debuts In Austin

AUSTIN, Texas — New Austin-based Big Swig Sparkling Water hits the shelves of the capital city in October and is already making waves in the city. With three naturally flavored offerings – Original, Key Lime, and Ruby Red Grapefruit – Big Swig balances thirst quenching bubbles and fresh flavor for a crushable beverage enjoyed any time of day.

The idea behind the brand is straightforward: it’s water, pure and simple. Crisp, clear, and bubbly, Big Swig contains no artificial sweeteners, sugar, or calories. An essential for any occasion from hydrating during a weekend at Zilker Park, to accompanying weekday lunch, or a night out, and everything in between. The big, bright boxes can be found on the shelves of select grocery stores and specialty grocery retailers where you find your favorite craft beverages throughout Austin.

“Our team loves sparking water, it’s not only continuing to grow in popularity but is also a healthy alternative to soda,” said Austin Specialty Managing Partner Sean O’Connor. “We wanted to offer Austin a homegrown option and a big, fun brand. The package is bold but the effervescence is refreshing, not overwhelming. We’re offering an easy way to recharge you any time of day, made right here in Texas.”

Crack open one of Big Swig’s three refreshing flavors and try them on their own, or mix them with your favorite local vodka and a splash of citrus for a quick and easy cocktail. Big Swig can also be found onsite and in cocktails at local bars including the High Noon (Black Feather Whiskey, angostura bitters, lemon, Big Swig Original) and El Mariachi (Hornitos Reposado Tequila, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, lime, Big Swig Grapefruit) at Stay Gold, as well as the Big Paloma (Tequila, simple syrup, lime, Big Swig Grapefruit) at Hole in the Wall.

Three refreshing flavors:

Big Swig Original: Like a good pair of blue jeans, the Original Sparkling Water goes well with absolutely anything.

Big Swig Ruby Red Grapefruit: A sparkling citrus explosion with a hint of sweetness. Fresh, flavorful, and fun.

Big Swig Key Lime: A bright, bubbly, delicious citrus kick that’s calorie-free, sugar-free, and worry-free.

From deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, the team is focusing on quenching the thirsts of the capital city first and foremost. Big Swig is currently available in 12-packs of 12oz cans at retailers throughout Austin including HEBs and Wheatsville Co-op, as well as Fresh Plus, in.gredients, Dia’s Market, Austin Shaker, Sunrise Mini Mart, and many more.

For more info and availability, visit or follow on Facebook at and Instagram @bigswigwater.