Expo West 2017 Video: Dairy Alternative and Nut Milk Trends

Dairy alternatives and plant- and nut-based “alt-milks” have helped build some of the most attention-grabbing beverage brands in recent years.

In this video, BevNET’s John Craven and Ray Latif examine current trends in the dairy alternative category through the lens of the product developments on display at the recently-concluded Natural Products Expo West 2017. Among the key category developments Craven and Latif discuss is the evolution of a new set of multi-serve products from established brands and newcomers trying to reach more consumers at home.

The pair also examines product innovation that is bringing added protein, function, and flavor to single-serve products in the category, while considering the cross-winds of regulation and processing limitations that have led to changes in branding and formulation in this fast-evolving category.