Fogdog Cold Brew To Debut at Fancy Food Show

San Francisco, California – Fogdog Cold Brew, a Bay Area-based startup will introduce the industry’s first hydrodynamic cold brew coffee and tea at this year’s Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. Identifying the rising trend in cold brew, the company has applied a patent-pending hydrodynamic cold extraction process to create coffees and teas that preserve the natural aromas, flavors and textures of cold brew coffees and teas while also eliminating unpleasant bitterness.

“Many coffee and tea connoisseurs prefer cold brew because it maintains so much flavor and aromatic authenticity,” said Fogdog Cold Brew founder and CEO, Alex Siow. “By brewing the beverage with very cold, fast-moving water, we are able to extract the flavors that people want, while also virtually eliminating the bitterness associated with other products in the category.”

The cold brew coffee and tea company currently offers its cold brew dark roast coffee and several varieties of cold brew teas, including: Scarlet Red and Golden Oolong. These flavors will be available to taste at the company’s debut at the Fancy Food Show.

“In addition to superior flavor, our coffee has a unique, silky texture and our teas are naturally colorful. Our proprietary process enables us to extract more of the coffee and tea’s natural oils. The results are coffee with a slight viscosity and natural creaminess, and teas that are richly colored without any additives,” said Siow. “Our ingredients are simple: coffee beans or tea leaves and water. It’s the process that creates such a flavorful, aromatic and colorful product.”

Fogdog Cold Brew will conduct tastings of its coffee and teas in the New Brands on the Shelf Pavilion of the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, January 22-24.

About Fog Dog Cold Brew

Founded in the Bay Area in 2016, Fogdog is not your ordinary cold brew. The natural taste, aroma, texture and color found in Fogdog coffees and teas are achieved without any additives, due to a proprietary hydrodynamic cold extraction process. Aromatic oils and vibrant flavors are coaxed out of coffee beans and tea leaves at below 38°F using fast-moving water. Fogdog is all-natural: no sugar, no preservatives, and no dairy. Learn more at