KickBack Cold Brew Infuses Coffee With CBD

LOS ANGELES — Cold brew coffee has become increasingly popular with coffee drinkers around the United States, as the cold beverage grew 80% in sales last year. Along with widespread marijuana legalization across the states, is it a surprise to anyone that CBD and cold brew coffee would eventually come to meet?

KickBack Cold Brew launched in 2016 and is looking to change the landscape of marijuana-related products. The brand infuses Cannabidiol (CBD) with their single origin, shade grown, certified organic coffee to give consumers a “functional chill” to get them through their busy work days. This contrasts with the stigma that weed products are meant for pure relaxation.

Founded by Pierre Real and Omid Mousaei, KickBack Cold Brew can be found in over 35 stores throughout Southern California. When asked why their CBD cold brew coffee became so popular, Real believes it’s all in the flavor and benefits of drinking it.

“Our cold brew is very smooth, it has a great coffee flavor and it doesn’t give consumers the excessive caffeine rush that regular cold brew typically gives,” said Real.

Mousaei believes coffee drinkers have been conditioned to accept the jitters and rush from everyday coffee drinking, and he wants consumers to know that there’s an alternative.

“We found the perfect balance of CBD and cold brew coffee in our recipe that gives coffee drinkers a more relaxed and energetic feeling that big name brand coffee can’t provide,” said Mousaei.

CBD doesn’t give users the same experience as other marijuana related products and is also used for medicinal/health purposes as well. CBD isn’t going to give consumers the feeling of being “high”, but it does relax the body and mind. The CBD in the coffee has been known to reduce anxiety, arthritis pain, and headaches, expanding its uses beyond relaxation. In addition, there is no age requirement to drinking KickBack.

The cold brew brand emphasizes the importance of their organic ingredients as well as their lab-tested CBD. Every coffee bean is sourced from the rainforests in Central America and is single-origin and shade grown for the best taste. The CBD comes from Colorado hemp farmers and it is lab tested for its purity.

Some of the grocery stores to find KickBack Cold Brew include Erewhon Market, Rainbow Acres, and Lazy Acres Market. Their website has a store locator page for visitors to find their cold brew at nearby locations. In addition, KickBack Cold Brew can be purchased through their website in singles or in cases of 12.

The coffee brand is also working on a new line of drinks that will include tea as well. Real is excited for the launch of CBD cold brew tea.

“We’re ready to expand on our CBD products and give consumers more options to get their functional chill in their day, and we believe CBD tea will be popular as well,” said Real.

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