Lavit Partners with Juice Press for Capsule Line

Beverage tech company Lavit, which produces “Cooler Water Cooler” machines marketed for use in offices, announced Monday that it has partnered with cold pressed juicery Juice Press to produce a line of branded, infused water capsules set to hit the market by the end of the year.

The new line includes dry powder versions of Juice Press’ existing Rose Water SKU and a new energy product, Cinnamon Guarana Water. The products are packaged in Lavit EcoCaps, a recyclable variation on Keurig’s single-use disposable K-Cup model that are designed to work specifically with Lavit’s water coolers. The Juice Press line is the second brand partnership for the six-year-old company, which added iced tea and Arnold Palmer flavors from AriZona Beverages to its portfolio last year.

Speaking to BevNET, Lavit founder and CEO Gian Matteo Lo Faro said the Juice Press deal is the first of many upcoming announcements to be made over the next several months.

“Our strategy is to provide beverages people love into the workplace,” Lo Faro said. “We’re really excited about Juice Press because we feel they’re really a leader in better-for-you beverages. We went through a lot of work with them to deliver something that was ultra-clean label and that was compatible with our system made from their ingredients.”

Launched in 2015, Lavit’s Cooler Water Cooler is currently in more than 1,000 offices nationwide. The machine allows users to dispense unflavored still or sparkling water, or to use EcoCaps, which contain low calorie flavoring and are produced by the company and sold to customers via distributors who specialize in breakroom services. The EcoCaps are sold in packs of 18 and no drink contains more than 10 calories per serving.

Development of the branded EcoCaps has been carefully monitored by the partner companies to ensure quality. According to Lo Faro, development of the AriZona pods took more than a dozen trials; for Juice Press, it took “much more” in order to ensure a flavor profile on par with the brand’s standards.

In a press release, Juice Press chairman Michael Karsch praised the partnership, noting it represented the company’s continued growth via “a unique platform.”

The partnership comes in a year where Juice Press has been quickly expanding beyond its brick-and-mortar stores. Earlier this month the company announced it would expand its wholesale business in the travel channel and began selling several of its juices and snacks in New York metro area airports. The company’s products are also sold wholesale in the fitness channel at New York-based gym chain SoulCycle, a subsidiary of Equinox Fitness. The brand had previously sold exclusively through Juice Press’s 68 brick-and-mortar locations nationwide.

According to Richard Hirsch, vice president of marketing for Lavit, the branding opportunities are a “powerful” way for companies to grow their exposure and recognition in channels at the point of consumption.

“For the brands it’s both the ability for us to generate greater revenue for them, but it’s also an incredible sampling opportunity,” Hirsch said. “It’s the chance to reach people in an environment that is incredibly powerful for them.”

When Lavit first launched, Hirsch said, it was a “chicken and egg” situation where it was difficult to sell brands on the business model without presence in the marketplace. AriZona, however, has helped to grow the company and has set the stage for a number of to-be-announced partnerships coming soon.

“AriZona came on early cause they saw the vision and we are honored that they did,” he said. “Juice Press is next, but now that we have the distribution that we have and we’re growing this will be the first in a number of announcements in the months ahead about brand partnerships.”