Matcha LOVE Launches “Stay Grounded” Media Campaign

unnamedNEW YORK (Jan. 31, 2017) – Matcha LOVE, a revitalizing line of whole-leaf green tea beverages and powders crafted to deliver a naturally energizing boost in each sip, today announced the launch of “Stay Grounded,” the brand’s first media campaign. The multi-faceted media project is rooted in the brand’s manifesto of achieving clarity through a gentle flow of heightened awareness delivered by matcha – finely milled green tea harvested from shade grown tea leaves that delivers the full vitality of the entire leaf. Launching February 2, the “Stay Grounded” campaign combines a mix of traditional and digital media, including video, social, earned media and influencer programs, as well as consumer promotion at the point of purchase.

“This is an exciting time for the matcha LOVE brand, as matcha awareness and consumption is really growing. Given our deep-rooted expertise with the tea, we feel well-equipped to educate consumers about matcha through ‘Stay Grounded’, and differentiate the matcha LOVE brand by creating an emotional connection with them as well,” said Harris Goldman, Head of Marketing and Innovation for ITO EN (North America) INC., the creator of matcha LOVE. “We love this campaign because it works on multiple levels. It communicates to consumers that matcha is steamed, dried, green tea that is ‘grounded’ into a powder. On a spiritual level, it also shows how a tea break with matcha LOVE can give a natural, sustained energy boost to help balance your day.”

The “Stay Grounded” campaign features matcha LOVE’s innovative portfolio of green tea products, while simultaneously establishing a lifestyle that hones the naturally occurring health benefits of matcha that can keep you grounded no matter where the day takes you. Developed in partnership with leading digital agency ENGINE, the concept aims to communicate the act of being mindful and present. Campaign expressions include a variety of meaningful digital channels including engaging social sponsored posts, paid digital banners, influencer partnerships, search engine optimization and digital coupon programs to drive consumer trial and purchase. The campaign will also feature a series of compelling digital videos and images to use in online, mobile and social ads, bringing the campaign’s story to life in a visual way that translates key practices of staying grounded to consumers. Additionally, matcha LOVE’s public relations agency, Rachel Kay Public Relations, will spearhead efforts to garner impactful earned media placements to further amplify the campaign.

Matcha LOVE offers a robust portfolio of whole-leaf green tea products, including ceremonial and culinary powders, and ready-to-drink matcha shots and iced teas. Matcha LOVE is available at natural food stores and specialty supermarkets nationwide, including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Wegmans, The Fresh Market and more, as well as at ITO EN brand retail stores and online at or For more information on matcha LOVE and its products, please visit

About matcha LOVE®

Matcha LOVE®, is the creation of ITO EN (North America) INC., a line of revitalizing green tea powders and beverages made from vibrant and flavorful whole-leaf Japanese green tea. A modern take on an ancient ritual, matcha LOVE products deliver a balanced flow of energy without the crash to help you stay grounded. With a robust family of ceremonial and culinary powders, ready-to-drink matcha shots and iced teas, all matcha LOVE products harness the full vitality of the entire green tea leaf. To learn more about matcha LOVE, visit, ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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ITO EN (North America) INC., a subsidiary of ITO EN (Japan) LTD., is an innovative beverage industry leader dedicated to creating authentic products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural, Healthy, Safe, Well-designed and Delicious. ITO EN is specifically known as a global leader in green tea with award-winning brands, including TEAS’ TEA®, Oi Ocha, ITO EN Shots and matcha LOVE®. To learn more about ITO EN, visit, ‘Like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.