Ocean Spray Relaunches Pact

Massachusetts-based cranberry co-op Ocean Spray is taking a second look at the functional beverage category with a brand relaunch for its Pact Cranberry Infused Water line, featuring new packaging and a new marketing campaign.

Initially launched in 2014 through a distribution partnership with PepsiCo, the original Pact beverages were marketed to consumers as a cleanse drink. The new 16 oz. bottles feature cleaner-looking packaging that highlight the beverage’s low calorie count and emphasize its fruit content.

Speaking to BevNET on Monday, Ocean Spray’s Vice President of North American Marketing Kristen Borsari said the line’s initial run served as a learning experience for the company, and that the relaunch will be focused on better communicating the drink’s hydration and functional benefits to consumers.

Since its May 1st relaunch, the six-SKU line has seen a 50 percent increase in sales, according to a press release.

“We’re really looking at this hydration season to test out the key elements of the brand,” Borsari said. “Then we’ll build on that success.”

The line is currently available through a dozen retailers nationally, including CVS, BJ’s, Giant Eagle, and Price Chopper, where it retails for $1.99 per bottle, as well as online through Amazon and Jet.com. Flavors include an original cranberry flavor as well as cranberry blends with blood orange, lemonade, mango passionfruit, pomegranate, and raspberry.

The relaunch will also involve improved in-store marketing campaigns, as well as a new social and digital ad campaign. The company has introduced sales in some retailers, including 10-for-$10 and 2-for-$3 deals. Ocean Spray has also aligned the brand with athletes and other health-centric spokespeople, including Ladies Professional Golf Association pro Brittany Altomare.

According to Borsari, further innovation could follow depending on how successful the line performs this summer. However, Borsari said, there is room for many innovations within the line, including sparkling varieties, teas, and flavor extensions.

“There is an entire pipeline of products for when we’re really well established,” she said.