People Moves: Crowley Joins Soylent

Soylent Announces Bryan Crowley as President

Bryan Crowley, who served as chief strategy officer of KeVita in the build-up to the functional beverage company’s high-profile sale to PepsiCo, has joined Soylent as President, the company announced last week.

Speaking to BevNET, Crowley discussed his goals to grow the L.A.-based meal replacement drink company, which announced $50 million in venture capital funding last month. Crowley joins Soylent as it plans to expand beyond its e-commerce and into brick-and-mortar retail, where it expects to reach a broader audience. The Soylent team will also be making a physical move to a new “creative space” in the Arts District of Los Angeles, he said.

“We’re in a unique position to have such a passionate fanbase already in place as the brand evolves and we grow our business,” Crowley said in an email to BevNET. “The team has done a great job tapping into this captive audience and you can see that on social media, the blogosphere and we hear it every day directly from our customers. The Soylent community can be our harshest critics, but also our most loyal defenders and we will continue to use what we learn from them to drive us to continue to grow and improve. There is no doubt the platform we’ve built is extremely valuable but we know we have very long way to go to get our message and products out to a much broader audience.”

Drawing from his tenure at KeVita, Crowley said he’s taken away three key lessons and noted similarities in dedication and innovation between the two companies. Soylent, like KeVita, is united by a strong leadership team with a shared mission and both companies are innovation-oriented, a key component to success, he said.

Finally, KeVita offered a lesson in growing in the right way, he said.

“With the support [Soylent founder and CEO Rob Rhinehart] has built from our Board and investors at Soylent, we can continue to focus on growth and building innovative business models that supports our mission of using science and technology to make quality nutrition that is truly accessible to all,” said Crowley.

As Soylent continues to grow, Crowley said he also hopes the company can make a dent in the issues of malnutrition, obesity, and hunger throughout the world and encourage other companies to strive for the same.

Stumptown Hires Sean Sullivan as President & CEO

Following the departure of President and CEO Joth Ricci, Stumptown Coffee Roasters announced last week that former Boombotix CEO Sean Sullivan will take over the roles.

Sullivan, who begins with Stumptown on June 19, does not list prior beverage industry experience in his LinkedIn profile but has previously served as the global business unit head for Oakley, the senior vice president of product and global marketing for Specialized Bicycle Components, and as business unit manager for soft goods at The North Face.

“I am excited to help the company realize its vision of delivering super-premium coffee and strong environmental stewardship, while working with a team focused on leading with quality, ethics, rigor and style,” Sullivan said in a press release.

Ricci left Stumptown in March for a position as CEO of Oregon-based winery Adelsheim Vineyard.

Jacqueline Harrigan Departs Agua Brands

Jacqueline Harrigan, who was the vice president of marketing at Agua Brands, left the company last month, she told BevNET through e-mail on May 26.

Harrigan did not say where she will be working next. She has previously served as the vice president of marketing for USPA Properties, Inc. and as global communications director for AriZona Beverages.

Speaking to BevNET, Agua CEO Carol Dollard said the company has expanded its marketing efforts and has opted to work with a marketing agency, which will cover ongoing marketing work and will focus on expanding into new areas such as e-commerce sales and promotions.

“As we make this change, Jackie will be moving on to other endeavors,” Dollard said. “She has done a great job establishing some of our marketing systems, as well as leveraging her creative skills to help define the current Agua imagery and look, and we wish her all the best.”