Simples Plant-Based Tonics Launches on Main Street in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA (September 26, 2017)Simples, plant-based Tonics and Apothecary, announces the launch and the grand opening of their first Simples Tonic Shop & Apothecary in Santa Monica, California September 30, 2017. The Simples Tonic Shop and Apothecary sells a selection of eight Simples Tonics, locally brewed on-site as well as a carefully curated selection of plant-based tinctures, elixirs and products from esteemed herbalists and wild-crafted sources from around the country.

“I have been brewing Simples for my friends and family for years and I’m so excited to now be able to share these incredibly nutritious tonics with a broader community of people seeking health and wellness.” Says Traci Donat, founder of Simples, “My hope is that our little tonic shop will become a hub for people interested in the incredible healing power of tonics and plant medicine.”

Simples Tonics

Simples is a line of hand-prepared, concentrated plant tonics, made with nourishing herbs that are brewed over a period of hours to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and constituents. They are called by their traditional name, Simples, which means using a single herb or plant in a medicinal way. When beginning to explore the world of plant medicine, traditional herbalism holds that it is best to start with them one at a time to fully experience the taste, the essence, and the benefit of a single plant. At Simples, eight of these Simples are hand-brewed to support and encourage this exploration. The eight Simples represent a broad spectrum of traditional herbal remedies, each selected for their high nutritional profiles, tonic effect, and proven safety for everyday use.

Simples Tonics, utilizing some of the most nutrient dense and healing plants on the planet, are a simple, easy way to support optimal health and personal well-being. Using organic plant material and chemical and fluoride free water, our infusions steep for hours to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, plant proteins, and medicinal properties.  Once strained, you have a delicious, highly nourishing and healing “food beverage” with no calories and no sugar, just pure bio-available nutrition.

The benefits of Simples work cumulatively over time, the more you drink the more benefit you will feel. Choosing one Simple to work with for 30 consecutive days allows you to fully experience that particular plant and all of the benefit and nourishment it has to offer.  Unlike a tea, a Simples tonic uses a much higher quantity of plant material, and steeps covered for a longer period of time, resulting in a dense and powerful serving of plant nutrition. At Simples, tonics are brewed daily by hand as infusions to extract the maximum amount of nutrition and health benefits.

The Tonics

Nettle – The Game Changer

  • Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, a great support tonic for stress and adrenal burnout. Also great for post workout restoration and hydration.
  • 16oz – $7.50 / 32oz – $13

Rose – The Elevator

  • Uplifting and calming, rose balances our mood and nourishes our soul. A celebrated heart opener, it is a mood lifter and aphrodisiac.
  • 16oz – $6 / 32 oz – $10

Linden – The Hug

  • It’s abundance of phytonutrients and antioxidants support its traditional use as a digestive aid, but we especially love Linden for its calming and slightly sedating action.
  • 16oz – $7.50 / 32oz – $13

Schisandra – The Superhero

  • Going where it is needed, this adaptogen is an overall health tonic that provides powerful energy and mental clarity boost.
  • 16oz – $8 / 32oz – $14.50

Burdock – The Purifier

  • Detoxifies the blood and the bowel while delivering a dense supply of iron, magnesium and thiamine. Burdock is a great choice for overall body cleansing and purification.
  • 16oz – $8.50 / 32oz – $15

Dandelion Root – The Fortifier

  • A wonderful detoxifier and strength builder, it helps us combat the ill effects of a toxic environment and overindulgence in its ability to support the liver and kidneys.
  • 16oz – $8.50 / 32oz – $15

Oatstraw – The Chill Pill

  • Loaded with B vitamins and essential minerals, Oatstraw also contains more magnesium than any other plant. This contributes to its ability to balance hormones and soothe frazzled nerves.
  • 16oz – $7.50 / 32oz – $13

Chickweed – The Star

  • A wonderful choice for anyone recovering from injury, illness or weakness of any kind. This little star also packs a beauty punch, balancing metabolism, and supporting the thyroid.
  • 16oz – $7 / 32oz – $12

The Simples Apothecary

The Simples Apothecary is a curated collection of plant medicine created by a diverse community of highly skilled herbalists both local and from around the country. Traci Donat and her team have sourced an array of tinctures, elixirs, beauty products and herbal offerings that have been hand selected for their uniqueness and efficacy, offering another interactive way to explore the gifts of sacred plants. The Apothecary will also feature Simples-branded tinctures, elixirs and products. “At Simples, we are herbalists whose work is rooted in traditional folk medicine practices. Everyone who works at Simples, whether brewing, bottling, or helping you choose a tonic or an apothecary item, has several years of study and experience in plant medicine.”


2724 Main Street
Santa Monica, California 90405
Open Monday, Wednesday-Sunday
10:30 AM – 5:30 PM

About Simples

Simples is a handcrafted, plant-based tonic and apothecary shop located in Santa Monica, California. Simples was founded by Traci Donat, an herbalist devoted to traditional folk medicine practices, with the goal of sharing the wisdom of ancient plants as medicine, and the belief that plant-based tonics and elixirs are the medicine of the people. Simples Tonic Shop and Apothecary is a destination for those looking for daily nourishment and ancient plant-based wisdom. For more information about Simples Tonics & Apothecary please visit or follow us on FACEBOOK @simplestonics & INSTAGRAM @simplestonics.