Afri Cola to Debut Slimline Matte Can at Summer Fancy Food Show

PETALUMA, Calif. — afri cola USA is excited to be launching its new 330ml slimline matte can at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, which runs from June 30th to July 2nd in New York City. afri cola USA will be showcasing the new afri cola 330ml slimline matte can package, as well as the iconic 330ml glass bottle package, in Booth #5659.

afri cola, “the original premium high caffeine cola”, made its way back into the US market mid-year 2017 and has continued to gain enthusiastic acceptance from consumers of craft soft drinks and premium energy drinks alike. The iconic premium high caffeine cola from Germany, originally launched in the beautifully unique 330ml glass bottle, is now available in an equally attractive 330ml slimline matte can. afri cola continues to be enthusiastically received not only by many of the diehard fans who had to wait over 15 years for its return, but also by a new generation of selective beverage drinkers who appreciate its distinctive packaging, use of real sugar and natural ingredients, as well as the extra energy that comes from the original high caffeine formula.

“We have had great success with the re-introduction of the afri cola 330ml glass bottle into the US market last year, reaching over 1,500 locations across numerous retail platforms. To build upon that success, and due to requests from many Distributors and Retailers for a premium can package that would open up additional retail and on-premise opportunities, we decided to add the 330ml slimline matte can to the product mix,” said Steve Davis, owner of afri cola USA. “We also understand that many consumers are drinking afri cola as an energy beverage, so having afri cola available in a can aligns with their package of choice, and also provides them with a premium alternative in a bold cola flavor not available in other energy drinks. Being able to showcase both afri cola packages at the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, and to the wide variety of discriminating retailers and distributors who attend, is a huge opportunity for us as we continue to drive distribution and awareness of this iconic brand within the US market.”

About afri cola USA

afri cola USA (Classic Beverage Imports), based in Petaluma California, is the exclusive US Importer of afri cola. Classic Beverage Imports focuses on importing beverages that are of premium quality (real sugar, natural flavors, quality ingredients) and are unique in terms of packaging, product type/flavor, or occasion usage. Classic Beverage Imports sources products that have no or limited distribution within the USA, but have solid potential and will drive curiosity and excitement amongst new consumers. For more information go to

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