Bali Juice Adds Over 600 New Retail Locations

Bali Juice, the first juice company to bring the super fruit mangosteen as a pure juice to the United States, announces their launch into five new states and over 600 retail locations. The super juice can now be purchased in California, New York, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.

“We’re thrilled about our rapid expansion,” said Edward Farley, COO of Bali Juice. “Gaining access to major food chains nationwide places us at the front of the line in the heathy juice market. Not bad for only our first year on the market.”

All Bali Juice products contain 100% pure mangosteen juice, are gluten free and vegan friendly. Mangosteen is highly praised for its Xanthones properties, which protect against heart attacks and helps control blood sugar levels. Boosting your immune system and aiding your digestive system has never been so easy, or delicious.

Bali Juice flavors include:

  • Mangosteen
  • Pure Mangosteen with Pure Green Tea
  • Pure Mangosteen with Pure Pomegranate

All flavors are naturally low in sugar, non-GMO and under 100 calories per bottle.

Retailers carrying Bali Juice include Erewhon, Mother Markets, Jensen’s, Sprouts Independents, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, Rainbow Acres, Pelican Resort, Pacific Green Malibu, Vitamin City, Good Earth Utah, Natures Oasis and Natural Planet.

About Bali Juice

Bali was founded by Edward Farley after growing up feeding mangosteen fruit to Western Lowland Gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon. He still has a passion for wildlife conservation and Bali will continue to support programs that reintroduce gorillas into the wild. Bali strives to create products that are as pure as they are potent, and are the first to bring mangosteen into the US. For more information, visit