Elmhurst Milked Expands Distribution in New York

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Innovative plant-based beverage company Elmhurst Milked today announces its products’ debut in Whole Foods Market, Wegmans, Walmart, and independent grocers across the greater New York region and beyond.

Using an evolutionary ‘cold milking’ process developed by renowned food scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, Elmhurst Milked crafts a new category of nutritive plant milks, meaning the product retains the nutrients and flavor of its original raw ingredients, with none of the industrial stabilizers, whiteners, emulsifiers or gums typical of other leading brands.

Each Elmhurst Milked product is non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, lactose free, kosher, and made using only whole, raw ingredients sourced from trusted farmers. The word “milked” best describes the company’s unique process of using water to gently separate and draw out the nutrients from nuts and grains. Once released, these valuable nutrients naturally re-combine to form a smooth, creamy beverage, which retains the naturally occurring protein and fats per serving found in a handful of nuts, grains or seeds.

Elmhurst Milked is now sold at 39 Whole Foods Market locations including 12 in New York City; Essex County, Bergen County, Morris County and Monmouth County, NJ; Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, Milford, Danbury, and Westport, CT. Found in the non-refrigerated alternative milk aisle, Whole Foods Market currently offers three core varieties: Milked Almonds™; Milked Walnuts; and Milked Hazelnuts.

In addition to the Whole Foods Market rollout, the brand has stocked independent New York City groceries including Westerly Natural Market; Park Slope Coop; Lifethyme Market; Perelandra Natural Food Center; Grace’s Marketplace; Khim’s Millennium Market; Union Market; Natural Frontier Market; Bushwick Coop; A Matter of Health; Park Natural Foods; Fresh Garden Inc.; Orchard Grocer; and MidCity Farms.

The brand’s newly-launched Milked Peanuts, Milked Peanuts-Chocolate, Milked Oats, Milked Almonds – Unsweetened and Milked Hazelnuts – Unsweetened, have also been released in 345 Walmart stores across the country, among other national and local stockists; while the four core varieties will launch at all Wegmans locations in March 2018.

The entire Elmhurst Milked product line is also available online at elmhurst1925.com.

About Elmhurst Milked

Elmhurst Dairy was originally founded in 1925 by Max and Arthur Schwartz as a family-run dairy in Queens, New York. After almost a century of delivering high-quality dairy products to consumers in the metropolitan New York area, Elmhurst Dairy decided to make the seismic shift from dairy to nutritive plant milks in 2017, becoming pioneers in the plant-based food revolution. Now helmed by Max’s son Henry, Elmhurst Milked™—the next evolution of Elmhurst Dairy—offers a minimally processed new category of delicious, creamy, nutritive plant milks.

With a commitment to health, quality, and transparency, Elmhurst’s nutritive plant-based milks start with the whole, raw ingredient, sourced from partner farms and processed without any emulsifiers, thickeners or stabilizers. The word “milked” best describes the company’s evolutionary technology, developed by renowned food scientist and entrepreneur Dr. Cheryl Mitchell. The unique milking process uses water to separate and draw out the nutrients from the nuts and grains, which re-combine naturally once released to form a smooth, creamy beverage, without the use of chemicals or thickeners.

The milking process allows Elmhurst Milked™ to use more nuts and grains per glass, resulting in more nutrients, flavor, creaminess and functionality than beverages that are formulated from water and thickeners. The products contain up to four times as many nuts as other leading brands; its new oat and brown rice varieties contain 20g of whole grains per glass and are stamped by the Oldways Whole Grains Council, while its Milked Peanuts™ variety is stamped by the National Peanut Board. The products can be enjoyed on their own as a high-protein, low-sugar beverage or used in cereal, coffee, tea and smoothies. They can also be used as a replacement for dairy in cooking, and their high protein content and foaming properties make them excellent for lattés and cappuccinos. Elmhurst Milked™ is also non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, lactose free and kosher.