Everplus Invests in Gloe Brands & Bitmo

Everplus is excited to announce that they have recently invested in Gloe Brands, Inc. and Bitmo, Inc.

Gloe Brands, based in Los Angeles, CA, is a leading plant-enhanced beverage company with a line of organic, plant-enhanced, low sugar, flavorful sparkling and non-sparkling waters. Founders of Gloe Brands, Dino Sarti and Danny Stepper, are respected veterans in the beverage industry, and are well known for being the founders of L.A. Libations, a leading beverage incubator.

Gloe Brands not only has exceptional leadership, but also is in the fortunate position of a high impact corporate investor base which we believe will help propel Gloe Brands to great heights.

The lead investor in this Series A-1 round is The Coca Cola Company. Additional investors in this Series A-1 round, including Everplus, include Accel Foods, Synovous Family Asset Management, and other notable food and beverage investors.
Bitmo, a disruptive fintech mobile-payment platform, is the market-leading iOS/Android app for P2P Gifting, allowing users to send custom digital gift cards in seconds that can be redeemed or exchanged for any other brand at no cost. Bitmo is a rapidly growing solution to the array of inefficiencies of the $160B gift card industry.

In addition, Bitmo adds unique and attractive value to the ecosystem by providing additional capabilities via the app, such as allowing users to exchange gift cards from one brand to another, forwarding/re-gifting cards to friends, donating cards to charity, and more.

We find Bitmo to be a highly disruptive technology that is already, in its relatively early stage, gaining tremendous momentum in growing its user base, transaction size and transaction volume.

Additional investors in Bitmo include early investors in Acorns, Dosh, and Gyft.

About Everplus Capital

Everplus Capital is a private investment firm dedicated to placing capital with rigorously vetted investment opportunities across different categories such as venture capital, private equity, and commercial real estate. The Everplus F&B Fund is the firm’s first fund vehicle open to outside investors. The fund invests in emerging leaders in the health, wellness, and sustainable food and beverage ecosystem.