HALO Sport Launches Low Calorie Organic Hydration Beverage

NEW YORK – Introducing HALO Sport, a new super-premium hydration beverage specifically engineered for today’s wellness warrior. The bespoke, certified-organic, vegan-friendly formula offers more electrolytes than enhanced waters, fewer calories than packaged coconut water, and has no added sugar nor artificial coloring, unlike many traditional sports drinks. With only 10 calories, 2 grams of natural sugar per bottle and a crisp, refreshing citrus flavor, HALO Sport packs purely nutritional benefits into its sleek, iconic bottle and will create a lifestyle brand in the sports drink category.

“It is very difficult to find a ‘clean’ way to hydrate, but HALO Sport has finally done it,” said Keri Glassman, registered dietitian and author of four bestselling books on health and nutrition. “What’s really special is that it has antioxidants in addition to electrolytes—and the bonus is, it tastes incredible.”

The proprietary recipe blends a base of organic lemon juice and reverse osmosis water, which is remineralized with 72 ionic trace minerals harvested from the Great Salt Lake of Utah. A curated mix of electrolytes is then added, followed by powerful antioxidants including amla berry, a potent superfood used in ancient ayurvedic rituals.

The brand’s founders are former JP Morgan colleagues and successful entrepreneurs: Anshuman Vohra, founder of BULLDOG Gin, the 4th largest and fastest growing premium gin in the world, and Robin Shobin, creator ofCharlotte’s Book, a prominent digital beauty and wellness site.

Both shared a mutual frustration with the lack of low-sugar hydration options with a satisfying taste. After successfully selling BULLDOG to a large multinational in 2017, Vohra, a former Division 1 College tennis player, embarked on a stint in the European tennis circuit. While playing outdoors in the heat and absent any other options, Vohra reluctantly drank sports drinks between and post-sets, but never liked the way his is carefully designed to deliver delicious hydration that doesn’t compromise functionality. Now, wellness enthusiasts of all levels finally have a hydration option they can be really excited about.”

“There was a clear void in the market dating back to my college tennis days,” said HALO Sport CEO Vohra. “Traditional sports drinks contain artificial ingredients, neon colors, and are often sugar-laden, thereby negatively affecting performance on the field. HALO Sport is carefully designed to deliver delicious hydration that doesn’t compromise functionality. Now, wellness enthusiasts of all levels finally have a hydration option they can be really excited about.”

A dedicated wellness warrior herself working out five days a week, Shobin was determined to create something superior that would make it easier for people to stay hydrated while helping meet their daily allowances of vital antioxidants and minerals. She explains; “I started with organic lemon juice as the base of the formulation because that is what I drink every day. Adding antioxidants like amla berry and minerals like magnesium, was a natural upgrade to designing a genuinely new, modern beverage”. Shobin then engaged her network of health and wellness professionals to taste-test many iterations of the product before arriving at the final thirst-quenching formula.

“It took lots of feedback from experts in the health and fitness space to create a beverage that is a paradigm shift for peak-and-post workout hydration,” Shobin said.

The product’s patent-pending formulation and ingredients are endorsed by the brand’s Advisory Board, which includes award-winning and globally renowned nutritionists and medical experts including Registered Dietitian Keri Glassman; Celebrity dermatologist and best-selling author, Dr. Whitney Bowe; Sports Nutritionist Mitzi Dulan, RD, CSSD; Parsley Health Founder, Dr. Robin Berzin. Integrative Doctor and Wellness Specialist, Amy Shah MD; Former MLB player Brendan Harris; and Heart Specialist Dr. Jonathan Menachem. Vohra also tapped in to his spirits industry network to consult on the beverage’s flavor profile, which was then vetted in fitness facilities across the country, and by model trainer Heather Marr and celebrity trainer, health, and wellness coach Amy Rosoff Davis.

HALO Sport is available nationwide on HaloSport.com immediately and soon in select premium retailers in New York and Miami for $3.49/16oz bottle and $40.00/twelve pack. HALO Sport is a USDA certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, and kosher product, as well as dairy, soy, and gluten-free. Flavors are currently available in ‘Original Lemon’ and ‘Pink Grapefruit,’ with more to come.

About HALO Sport

HALO Sport is a premium, certified organic beverage revolutionizing the hydration category. Formulated to help you hydrate more efficiently with electrolytes, trace minerals and antioxidants, HALO Sport eliminates the consumer-need to choose between taste, nutritional benefit, and calories. With a crisp and refreshing taste, HALO Sport offers guilt-free, efficient hydration for the everyday wellness warrior.