Himalayan Natural Mineral Water Debuts in US

MONTVALE, N.J. — Following a 20-year journey through the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is ready to make its U.S. debut. Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is more than just a premium water—it’s a natural wonder that provides a refreshing hydration experience for balance-seeking consumers. With its smooth taste, balanced pH, and ideal proportion of natural minerals and electrolytes, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water satisfies today’s thirst for something better.

The launch is announced by Tata Waters and Talking Rain Beverage Company, who have joined forces to bring Himalayan Natural Mineral Water to America. Initial regional distribution includes select retailers in Chicago and Southern California – and national distribution is available via Amazon.com.

Stephen Rice, president, Tata Waters, states, “Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is one of the first premium Indian fast-moving consumer goods brands to target the broader American audience and we look forward to working with Talking Rain to establish a strong market presence.”

“We are proud to be partners with Tata Waters,” said Marcus Smith, president, Talking Rain Beverage Co. “We are thrilled that the groundwork laid by the company and our distributor and retail partners has allowed the opportunity for a partnership of this kind, and we look forward to playing an instrumental role in the successful U.S. market entry for Himalayan Natural Mineral Water.”

What makes Himalayan Natural Mineral Water so special? Just as with life, it’s the journey that makes the difference:

  • Every drop of Himalayan Natural Mineral Water travels for 20 years through the mountains, passing through layers of rock, sand and silt – nature’s filters.
  • Along the way, it picks up helpful minerals such as magnesium, calcium and sodium from Himalayan sea salt.
  • The water arrives in a confined aquifer 400 feet below ground, where it remains in its natural state, impermeable to bacteria.
  • This 20-year journey results in a water with a balanced pH, naturally ready for consumers to enjoy.

Balanced from the start and contaminant free, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water offers an unmatched origin, filtration process, and hydration benefits that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth.

Olivia Shjeflo, brand and activation manager, Himalayan Natural Mineral Water, states, “Life is increasingly hectic and fast-paced, leaving fewer occasions for individual pause moments. Hydrating with water directly from the tallest and most awe-inspiring mountain range in the world does more than quench our thirst – it helps us feel connected to something bigger.”

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is available in 500 mL (MSRP $1.59), 500 mL 4 pack (MSRP $5.69), and 1 liter (MSRP $2.39) sizes. For more information on Himalayan Natural Mineral Water, visit www.himalayanmineralwater.com.

About Himalayan Natural Mineral Water

Himalayan Natural Mineral Water is a naturally balanced mineral water sourced directly from the Himalayan Mountains. Every drop is filtered for 20 years through the mountains until it arrives in an aquifer located 400 feet below ground. Himalayan Natural Mineral Water, brought to the U.S. market in partnership between Tata Waters and Talking Rain Beverage Company, is available at select retailers in Chicago and Southern California and nationwide on Amazon.com. For more information, visitwww.himalayanmineralwater.com.

About Tata Waters

Tata Waters is part of Tata Global Beverages. For more information please visit www.tataglobalbeverages.com

About Talking Rain Beverage Company

An iconic brand in the Seattle-area for 30 years, Talking Rain is a Washington-based beverage company situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This innovative company is outselling global brands in flavor-categories across the U.S., while beginning to find success internationally with the brand’s bold-flavored, lightly carbonated sparkling water.