Magnesia and Mattoni Waters Now Available in the US

BRADENTON, Fla. — Svoboda Invest, LLC. has begun importing Magnesia and Mattoni waters to the United States.


Magnesia natural mineral water comes from the protected landscape area of the Slavkov Forest. On its journey from the depths of nature Magnesia has to make its way through a layer of serpentine – a rock especially rich in magnesium.Magnesium is released from the water with the help of carbon dioxide, a remnant of past volcanic activity. The combination of serpentine and carbon dioxide is so rare that, in Europe alone, it can be found only on a few square kilometers of the Slavkov Forest. Thanks to this combination, Magnesia acquires its unique high content of natural magnesium and simultaneously low content of sodium with overall medium mineralization.

Everyday drinking of Magnesia is the natural way to replenish magnesium for:

  • boosting concentration
  • relaxing muscles and supporting their normal function
  • reducing fatigue and exhaustion
  • generating energy

… all that in a form excellently absorbable by your body.

You can enjoy Magnesia natural mineral water as still, gently sparkling or sparkling. Gently sparkling Magnesia RED with red fruit juice brings you refreshment in four different flavours.

Mattoni – exceptional mineral water

The unspoilt nature around Karlovy Vary, together with its unique location bordering both the Ore Mountains and the Doupovské Mountains, gives Mattoni mineral water its unmistakable taste and a delicate balance of minerals. Mattoni mineral water is the perfect accompaniment to a meal or coffee as the minerals within cleanse your palate. This means that whatever you eat or drink after taking a sip of Mattoni will have a more intense flavour.

Also for its refinement Mattoni was chosen byInternational Bartender Association IBA.

Mattoni mineral water emerges at the boundary between the rocks of the Doupovské Mountains, the Ore Mountains and the Karlovy Vary Highlands. Here the water flows deep underground and is mineralised by the surrounding rocks. Fresh carbon dioxide from the Doupovské Mountains gives it a subtle sparkle. The final ingredient added to the mix isa blend of minerals from the Karlovy VaryGranite Mountains.The mineral water known as Mattoni collects and develops its flavour at a depth of 125-230 metres below the Earth’s surface.

Mattoni. Taste of nature, passion for life.

For more information, contact Tom Bachmann at  (941) 769-4269.