NACS 2018 Video: KÖE Kombucha Looks to Differentiate Via Shelf-Stability, Flavor

As kombucha continues expand beyond the natural channel and into mainstream retailers, KÖE, a new brand of canned, organic and shelf-stable kombucha, is positioning itself as a premium and convenient option for health conscious consumers.

In an interview at the NACS 2018 show, which was held Oct. 7-10 in Las Vegas, Jared Smith, the VP of Sales for beverage developer and incubator Stratus Group, which markets KÖE and alkaline water brand Perfect Hydration, said that while the brand’s shelf-stability may be attractive to current kombucha drinkers, the products are specifically formulated to attract new consumers to the category.

“I don’t think we’re really targeting a kombucha consumer,” Smith said. “I think we’ll pick some up along the way out of the convenience of it, the shelf-stable piece; they can take it with them, it doesn’t have to be in a cooler of any sort. But really, we’re going after the… coffee, tea, juice and soda crowd.”

Watch our full video with Smith who discussed more about KÖE’s business, formulation and marketing strategy.