Trimino Goes Hollywood with Screen Time in ‘Super Troopers 2’

It may not be at the concession stands just yet, but protein infused water brand Trimino is coming soon to a theater new you via product placement in several upcoming films, including the upcoming sequel to the cult comedy Super Troopers.

Speaking with BevNET this week, Trimino CMO Bob Leary said the brand will feature in at least one prominent scene of Super Troopers 2, a follow-up to the 2001 film by comedy troupe Broken Lizard, and the brand logo will likely appear in the background throughout the movie. Leary has an associate producer title on the film, and as part of his investment the cast has also filmed three Trimino commercial spots which will be released online nearer to the movie’s April 20 release.

Leary, who is also the managing director of investment firm Vineyard Point Associates, has been a financial backer for films and Broadway productions for the past several years under his firm’s subdivision Vineyard Point Productions. He said he has an executive producer credit on at least a dozen movies, including The Stanford Prison Experiment, Food Chain, and My Brother Jack, although not all of the films feature Trimino.

“When somebody asked me if I wanted to invest in it, I couldn’t turn Super Troopers down,” he said. “Any opportunity that I get when I’m investing in a movie to get Trimino product placement, I jump on it.”

The brand will also feature in the upcoming drama All These Small Moments, starring Molly Ringwald, which is set to premiere at the TriBeCa Film Festival later this month. According to Leary, the Trimino name will be given a spoken line in the film. The brand is also featured in the film Walk to Vegas, where it is drunk by the main character and shown on billboards in the movie.

“We’re not spending any of Trimino’s money on any of this, so it’s really not integral to our core marketing structure, it’s in addition to it,” Leary said. “We’ll likely get 20 to 30 million views on these videos [shot by the Super Troopers cast] and that will be very helpful for the brand.”

The ads feature the Broken Lizard troupe in costume recreating iconic moments from the original film with Trimino. These include a contest chugging Trimino and bottles of maple syrup, spiking a bottle of Trimino with vodka, and repeatedly mispronouncing the title of the brand before calling it “Tri-meow.”

The product placement strategy comes as the brand expands its placement via a distribution partnership with Canada Dry in the Northeast region, adding 1,000 stores within two weeks. Last month, the company announced it had added more than 180 Hannaford Supermarkets in the Northeast. The company also branched into California, adding 349 Albertson’s stores. According to Leary, Trimino is primarily focused on going deep in select markets, specifically throughout New England and New York, before making a larger nationwide play, and is focusing much of its core marketing efforts on sampling.

Trimino has also partnered with obstacle course competition Savage Race as the event’s Official Protein Water for 2018. Trimino will be present at all of the company’s races with events across the East Coast and Midwest including in Massachusetts, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Leary said the areas covered by Savage Race were “perfect” for Trimino’s primarily East Coast footprint.

The company also sponsors professional sports teams, including New Jersey-based National Women’s Soccer League team Sky Blue FC and Breakers Lacrosse Club.

As Trimino continues to grow, Leary said product placement opportunities in films will continue to play a role in the product’s marketing.

Meow, that’s a fun way to build a brand.