YUMIX Cocktails Launch In Texas and South Carolina

DALLAS — YUMIX is reinventing what it means to BYOB. After years of extensive research to perfect its patented two-compartment container, YUMIX has launched a better adult beverage that can go anywhere, from beachside to poolside and everywhere in between. In other words, it’s the cocktail with no boundaries.

YUMIX’s unique bottle and mixology philosophy are like nothing else on the market. Each bottle has two chambers: The top contains gourmet juice, and the bottom houses premium vodka or tequila. Partygoers can mix their own fresh cocktail anytime, anywhere simply by twisting off the bottom and pouring the premium spirit into the juice. It’s quick, easy, and delivers a high-end cocktail experience wherever you are.

Founder and CEO Alex Garner has a background in consumer packaged goods with companies including ConAgra brands, Thanasi, and Coca Cola. He came up with YUMIX when he was enjoying some juice and thought it would make the perfect mixer—but there was no vodka around. After researching, he realized there was no ready-to-go cocktail product anywhere on the market.

“YUMIX has invented a whole new DIY for exceptional cocktails. It’s MIY: Mix It Yourself. We put a lot of thought into both the bottle design and the concept, which is a superior cocktail without preservatives or added sweeteners that weaken the flavor profile. The result is a beverage that tastes like it was just made by a top mixologist, with a bright, fresh flavor that’s both portable and shelf stable,” said Garner.

As part of building a winning team, Garner partnered with industry executive Phillip Page.  Page’s experience in building companies, particularly in the beverage category, was a great fit. “There is a tremendous opportunity in the market for a product like YUMIX,” said Page, YUMIX President and Chief Financial Officer. “With its revolutionary bottle design, we are able to offer a low-sugar, low-calorie juice cocktail that appeals to a broad consumer base.”

The travel-ready beverage is currently available for sale at Total Wine & More locations in Texas and South Carolina, as well as additional retailers, with new locations added each week.

“YUMIX is perfect for the beach, lake, boat – anywhere people are on the go,” said Michael Cohen, Director of Sales and Marketing for Grapevine Distributors. “I am so confident YUMIX will be a huge success and am thrilled to have the opportunity to help put it on store shelves across South Carolina.”

YUMIX is currently offered in three fruity flavors: Classic Margarita, crisp Orange Mango, and sweet and sour Sea Breeze with cranberry and grapefruit. Each juice bottle is 8.2 ounces and contains only two to eight grams of sugar, with 10 to 35 calories per juice serving.

Once mixed with the attached 50 milliliters of vodka or tequila, every YUMIX is 8.3 percent alcohol by volume (ABV).

“YUMIX is truly a better cocktail. It’s made from the best quality ingredients, including fresh lime, orange, apple and cranberry juices, along with premium vodka and tequila. And because it’s naturally low in calories, it’s a great cocktail for everyone. YUMIX is going to revolutionize what it means to BYOB,” said Garner.

For more information and a list of YUMIX retailers, visit www.drinkyumix.com.


YUMIX is a new beverage company specializing in ready-to-mix cocktails that are defining a new adult beverage category and revolutionizing what it means to BYOB. Pre-blended packaged cocktails lose the fresh taste of a fresh bar-made beverage and are loaded with added fillers, sugars, and preservatives. That’s why YUMIX developed a patented two-part bottle to separate a quality spirit on the bottom from a low-calorie juice mixer on the top. Just twist off the bottom compartment and pour the vodka or tequila shot in the juice to make a fresh cocktail that tastes like it was just made by a master mixologist. For more information, visit www.drinkyumix.com.