BevNET Live Winter 2018 Video: Keeping a Mature Brand Vital with Fiji Water

Premium water brand Fiji has achieved a level of cultural ubiquity that even the President of the United States drinks it — albeit somewhat awkwardly.

But even as the Fiji brand receives free media play via musicians and late night television skits, its owner The Wonderful Company continues to grow, evolve, and put in the legwork to maintain vitality. In this clip from BevNET Live Winter 2018, Fiji president Elizabeth Stephenson walks through how The Wonderful Company is keeping a mature brand like Fiji at the top of the conversation and continuing to innovate and refresh the product as the premium water category continues to expand.

Stephenson discusses the company’s recent decision to part ways with its distribution partner Keurig Dr Pepper and handle DSD itself, how the simple addition of a sports cap has been a draw to a sizable new consumer base, and how Fiji maintains its integrity as its cultural capital rises.