Dirty Lemon Launches Thermogenic Elixir +chromium

NEW YORK— Dirty Lemon introduces +chromium, an elixir designed to compliment your health and fitness goals by boosting metabolic stimulation and building lean muscle mass. The high-tech, full-flavored beverage features a targeted dose of 600 mcg of chromium per bottle. Incorporating +chromium into your daily routine is an effective, convenient format to maximize the benefits of this powerful mineral.

“Chromium deficiency is becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in people who experience long periods of stress,” says Dr. Laurie Brodsky, HBSc, ND. “As we age, there is a natural decline of chromium in the body—the potent formula of +chromium helps to restore this lost equilibrium.”

“We formulated +chromium with a synergistic combination of key nutrients, botanicals, and minerals that stimulate your ‘internal thermostat’ and assist in the conversion of fat into energy,” says Adam Louras, COO of Iris Nova, Dirty Lemon’s parent company. “The flavor profile of +chromium was inspired by the produce grown in the SouthPacific, pairing tropical sweet notes of purple passion fruit with the tartness of guarana and lemon.”

+chromium Formula

● Chromium Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF), a compound that supplies chromium and vitamin B3 (Niacin) at the same time for optimal absorption

● Guarana, which aids the thermogenic properties of chromium through the stimulating effects of caffeine, theophylline and theobromine

● Blue spirulina, a blue-green algae that contains the amino acid acidphenylalanine (used by the body to produce important proteins and molecules)

● Dandelion root, which acts as a natural diuretic to reduce stomach bloating and swelling

● The signature Dirty Lemon base of purified water, organic lemon juice, luo han guo, ocean minerals, Himalayan pink sea salt (electrolytes) paired with pineapple juice and passion fruit

+chromium Benefits

● To stimulate thermogenesis, a mega-dose of chromium GTF (the equivalent of 27 cups of broccoli per bottle) boosts metabolism and stabilizes glucose in cells to be utilized for energy

● To enhance metabolism, extremely protein-rich and highly soluble in nature, blue spirulina is known to regulate hunger levels and increase satiation

● To support energy levels, blue spirulina floods the body with an abundance of antioxidants and B vitamins to protect against damaging exercise-induced oxidation (muscle fatigue)

● To promote lean body mass, similar to the antioxidant profile of green tea, guarana provides an excellent source of stimulants which helps support mental and physical fortitude to prevent stagnation. One bottle contains roughly 85 mg of natural caffeine, comparable to one cup of coffee

+chromium is available nationally on Jan. 28 from $45/case. To order visit DIRTYLEMON.com or text 917-588-0640.

Dr. Laurie Brodsky, HBSc, ND

Dirty Lemon’s in-house naturopath, Dr. Laurie Brodsky, is a state-licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Doctor whose focus is redefining health and wellness utilizing integrative medicine. Dr. Brodsky’s unique and powerful approach to healing addresses the root cause of illness, applying all-natural, safe and effective foods, supplemental therapies, remedies and techniques to support the body’s individual, innate and superior ability to heal from the inside-out.

About Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon was created to meet the evolving taste and preference of the modern consumer. The brand offers a range of innovative, ready-to-drink beverages to improve customers’ everyday routine. Each beverage incorporates high quality, functional ingredients that have been used in the naturopathic space for decades, blended with a base of organic lemon juice, ocean minerals and pink Himalayan pink sea salt (a natural source of electrolytes). Each beverage has less than 30 calories and less than one gram of sugar. The company’s SMS-based distribution technology enables seamless communication with customers and frictionless access to its portfolio of beverages. Since its unprecedented launch in 2015, Dirty Lemon has sold over two million bottles to more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

About Iris Nova

Founded in 2018, Iris Nova, Latin for “new lens,” is the parent company to Dirty Lemon and the first company in the world to sell its product through a direct-to-consumer conversational commerce (cCommerce) model, which interacts with customers exclusively via text message. Iris Nova’s disruptive distribution strategy enables the company to meet the rapidly evolving tastes and preference of the modern consumer. Iris Nova first introduced this sales channel in 2015 with Dirty Lemon, and has since expanded its portfolio to include The Drug Store, with two additional beverage concepts launching in 2019.