Earth’s Own Unveils New Chocolate Oat Beverage

BURNABY, B.C., Canada– Pioneering plant-based beverage company Earth’s Own continues to push the boundaries of the humble but mighty oat, as it expands its plant-based beverage lineup to include a delicious new flavor, Chocolate Oat available in two sizes: 1.75L and 250mL single-serve.

The newest flavor adds to Earth’s Own’s existing portfolio of Unsweetened Original, Unsweetened Vanilla and the recently launched Oat Barista Edition, which was developed alongside expert baristas. The new products are now on shelves in major Canadian retailers along with brand new single-serve size cartons of the Original, Chocolate and Vanilla Oat beverages, which are school-safe, allergen-friendly and perfect for anyone on the go.

The newest product has been created as part of the company’s recent rebrand and active rallying call to lead the plant-based revolution. On a mission to change the world through a plant-based movement. Earth’s Own offers consumers an easy path to make sustainable beverage choices at a time when nearly half of Canadians want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.

“We know the plant-based craze isn’t a passing diet trend or fad,” said Rex Sheehy, president of Earth’s Own. “Canadians are becoming increasingly earth conscious and aware that there is no plan B for the future of our planet. In addition to crafting great flavour and nutrient-packed beverages, we’re committed to improving sustainability. Earth’s Own oats are grown using seven times less water, create three times less greenhouse emissions than alternatives and are farmed right here in Canada, which makes it not just a healthy choice but a truly sustainable one.”

“Expanding our range is about inspiring people to make a better choice for themselves and the environment by providing a variety of plant-based beverages for everything – from lattes, to snack breaks, to school lunches and day trips.

Earth’s Own Chocolate Oat

Made from oats grown by Canadian farmers using just sunshine and rainwater, Earth’s Own Chocolate Oat has 50% less sugar than regular chocolate milk and packs in 4 g of protein per serving, making it a delicious option for those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth without the guilt.

Prepared with fair trade camino cocoa, the deliciously sweet, allergen-friendly drink can be enjoyed straight out of the fridge, heated up for a decadent and creamy hot chocolate, or blended for a creamy milkshake.

Earth’s Own Single-Serve Oat Beverages

Offering the goodness of a third of a cup of oats in every serving, Earth’s Own Unsweetened Original, Vanilla and Chocolate Oat beverages now come in a 250mL single serve carton, which are also made from plants sourced from sustainable forests. These portable single serve packages are great for allergen-friendly school lunches and are a perfect handbag size for snacking on the go. Each single serve contains more protein (4 g) and fiber (2 g) than almond milk, along with a host of good nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Calcium.

Earth’s Own’s range of plant-based beverages are Canadian, vegan friendly, Non-GMO Project verified and include organic product options. Eating more plant-based products means less greenhouse gas is emitted, there is reduced water and air pollution, and valuable land and water resources are protected. To see the full lineup of Earth’s Own products, including Oat, Almond, Cashew, Soy and Organic beverages, visit Earth’s Own is available for purchase at major Canadian retailers.

About Earth’s Own

Based in Burnaby, B.C., Earth’s Own Food Company is a pioneering food & beverage company with a bold way of thinking about how the world eats. It’s on a relentless pursuit to change the world through a plant-based movement. With a product line-up that includes oat, almond, cashew, soy and organic beverages, Earth’s Own is committed to developing great tasting, wholesome products that are good for consumers, their families, the community and the planet. To learn more, visit