FOUND Brand Partners with Ocean Advocacy Group Oceana on 100k Initiative

NEW YORK— The 100k Initiative is a campaign started by FOUND Beverage Company in partnership with non-profit organization, Oceana, the world’s largest ocean advocacy group.

According to UNESCO, the number 100,000 represents the amount of marine mammals impacted by plastic in the oceans. To commemorate these animals, FOUND has developed 100,000 bottles of the brand’s naturally sparkling, infused mineral water, to sell and raise money which Oceana will use to protect the oceans, and the wildlife that call it home.

Oceana has already protected over 4.5 million square miles of ocean and innumerable sea life, and with the ocean covering 71% of the world, it is important that it is protected. The bottles are designed by globally renowned artist Amit Greenberg in honor of World Ocean Month in June, and World Ocean Day on June 8. The campaign will also be using hashtags #the100kinitiative, and #breakfreefromplastic across all social media channels.

“It is important to us to play an active role in helping protect our planet’s oceans and wildlife from plastic pollution as a beverage brand. We need to give consumers alternative and sustainable choices. With the 100k Initiative we are delighted to support Oceana’s efforts & offer people a choice that can help protect marine wildlife,” stated co-founder of FOUND, Mark De Luca. “Plastic bottles are the number one plastic dumped into the ocean. We want to use the 100kInitiative to change consumer’s behavior on single-use plastics, and to have more people and companies be aware of this issue.”

The 100K Initiative is also supported by fashion brand, Les Girls Les Boys, ( LGLB are donating a portion of their proceeds from their Swim Collection throughout World Oceans Month to the 100k Initiative support Oceana, and are driven to change unsustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Together the organizations will be holding a pop-up in New York City commencing on June 10 that will enable guests to experience the campaign, learn about the work Oceana does to protect the marine environment, and purchase products that will raise money for the campaign. The limited edition 12-packs of Elderflower & Cucumber Mint infused waters will be available for purchase online for $36 at

“We need companies to recognize that they are selling us products made of what is essentially a toxic pollutant. It is why it is critical that companies focus on reducing and not just recycling plastic. And, it is why it is crucial that consumers, citizens, universities, towns and other organizations be given plastic free choices rather than the false hope and guilt created by recycling,” said CEO of Oceana, Andy Sharpless. “We hear constantly from our supporters and others that they want to reduce their plastic consumption but don’t know how because they don’t have easy choices. It is time for all of us to demand the companies and governments provide these choices and make real steps towards reducing plastic use to dissipate the future tsunami of plastic headed our way. We need to do this for our oceans and our future.”

For more information on FOUND, or the 100k Initiative please visit, or follow @drinkfound and @oceana.

FOUND and Oceana invite you to join the 100k Initiative by pledging to use less plastic at


FOUND is a beverage company originally born in Bondi Beach, Australia in 2007 when 2 friends Mark & Onur decided to create a beverage brand that was based on purity, sustainability & transparency. From developing the least carbon emitting glass bottle, made from 100% recycled glass, to using no labelling on our bottles, Found is one of the most sustainable beverage companies in the world & the first carbon neutral certified one