Geevani Introduces Sugarcane Juice to U.S. Markets

LOS ANGELES— Geevani, a new Sugarcane Juice announces launching in all 187 Jewel Osco locations in the Chicagoland area in February. It is also available to purchase online.

Founder Roopa G. grew up in India drinking ice-cold sugarcane juice after volleyball. It was not until after a long hike in the Santa Monica mountains with her husband, Mark Masten, that she longed for her refreshing childhood beverage to satisfy her thirst. That is when the idea for Geevani began.

Founder Roopa G., a former finance manager at multi-billion dollar food titan, The Wonderful Company, knew it was going to be a challenge to introduce sugarcane juice to the American market. Indians treasure sugarcane juice not only for its lightly sweet taste, but because it cools and energizes the body, providing Ayurvedic health benefits. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic health practice balancing the body, mind and spirit with natural herbs and practices – the way Roopa G. inherently grew up living.

“While the taste of sugarcane juice stood out vividly in my memory, I couldn’t find it anywhere,” says Roopa G. “I knew then that, together with my husband Mark, I wanted to bring the beverage of my childhood, something that so many people enjoy internationally, here to friends and family in the U.S.”

Sugarcane Juice was recently declared as the official drink of Pakistan by the Pakistani Government and currently reigns as the same title of Egypt. Sugarcane juice is also enjoyed around the world in regions such as The Caribbean, Mexico, Vietnam and other equatorial cultures between the Tropics.

Roopa G. is determined to educate consumers that sugar cane juice is vastly different from the table sugar sitting in your cupboard. The liquid comes from the crushing of the fibrous grass stalks that can grow up to 30 foot tall, which releases the juice inside and filtered for purity. To put things into perspective, it takes 40 sugarcanes to produce one tablespoon of processed sugar.

Sugarcane has less sugar than orange or cranberry juice per serving. Sugarcane juice is also more nutritious, full of plant sterols (think wheat grass), iron, potassium and calcium, everything the modern woman is looking for. Roopa calls this ‘A Woman’s Best Friend!’.

Roopa G. partners with certified growers in Northern Mexico, just south of the Tropic of Cancer, committed to sustainable harvesting practices to produce the highest quality sugarcane to bring to the U.S. In her own production facility, she (yes, Roopa!) crushes the cane stalks and cold pressure pasteurizes the juice in small artisanal batches to ensure retention of nutrients and flavor. All ingredients are sourced fresh and juiced on site.

Geevani sugarcane juice is cold-pressed and made with under three natural ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives. It is available in four varieties now at Jewel Osco and online:

  • Power: with cold-pressed lime
  • Hydrate: with organic kumquat puree
  • Revive: with cold-pressed ginger and lime
  • Renew: with cold-pressed turmeric root and cayenne

Geevani was first presented at Natural Products Expo West in 2018 and was featured in Supermarket News’ “14 Products Trending at Expo West 2018”, as well as Food Navigator’s “Beverage Spotting” from the same show. Now, Geevani is eager to hit supermarkets and bring this refreshing ayurvedic health drink to Americans, starting with 187 Jewel Osco locations. Geevani will be showcasing its products at Expo West 2019 Booth N1434

About GEEVANI Super Juice, a helTHē Brand

Inspired by the healing practices of Ayurveda and elevating the honest goodness of nature, Geevani is sugar cane juice enhanced with the very best cold-pressed ingredients in four flavors – lime, ginger, kumquat, turmeric and cayenne. Geevani’s flavor inspirations come from traditional Ayurveda recipes, enjoyed by cultures throughout the world. Geevani is best enjoyed as an energizing refreshing beverage any time of the day or after a long workout. Based Los Angeles California, helTHē Brands Inc., was founded on the principle that the best things in life come from the heart. The company is dedicated to bringing to market a unique range of deliciously good-for-you foods and beverages, with fresh ingredients sourced from around the world, inspired by joyful living.