Mindfull Launches Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Teas

BOULDER, Colo.— Introducing a new organic ready-to-drink tea brand, Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Teas, currently on the ready-to-drink tea shelves at Whole Foods 365 Markets and Central Market.

Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Teas are made using pure artesian spring water in order to highlight the deliciously-balanced organic tea, touch of honey and natural flavors. In addition, Vibe teas provide hydration from naturally-occurring electrolytes and minerals from this water source, encouraging good vibes all day.

“We’re excited to showcase Vibe at Expo West,” said Matthew Jimenez, founder and CEO of MindFull Inc. “This organic tea line reflects MindFull’s goals of offering organic and functional nutrition in sustainable packaging. Our goal with Vibe is to provide a low sugar, electrolyte tea that delivers energy, hydration and refreshment for any time of day.”

Vibe’s position is a smarter take on tea for any occasion – a line of organic black teas that offer consumers a healthy, natural way to boost energy throughout the day while also staying hydrated. Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Tea contains 48mg of caffeine, about half of that found in a typical cup of coffee. With just a touch of honey and proprietary sweetener blend, consumers can enjoy a perfectly balanced mouthfeel and flavor while intaking only 1 g of sugar and 20 calories per 16.9-oz. Tetra Pak carton. VIBE black tea flavors were carefully crafted to enhance the natural and bold black tea flavor and are currently available in Mint, Lemon, Peach and Pomegranate.

Vibe Organic Electrolyte Black Teas are packaged in 100 percent recyclable Tetra Pak cartons composed of up to 70 percent renewable materials (predominantly paperboard and a plant-based cap). Beyond the ecological benefits, Vibe organic teas are also light and resealable, a convenient choice for people with on-the-go lifestyles and are easier to carry compared to glass and aluminum counterparts.

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About Mindfull Inc.

MindFull Inc. was founded in 2018 with the mission of bringing innovative food and beverage products to market that feature the highest quality ingredients, sustainable packaging and ethical sourcing to improve overall health and well-being. The MindFull Inc. team has over 75 years combined experience in the organic and natural products industry, leading to a unique, highly differentiated approach to category management, new product development and market leadership. In 2019, they have launched Gaiam and Vibe, two ready-to-drink, organic tea brands that are available nationwide. For more information about MindFull Inc., please visit