Oak & Cane American Craft Rum Expands Distribution to Tennessee

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.— Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Oak & Cane American Craft Rum, a handcrafted artisan gold rum made using a blend of modern and traditional production methods, is expanding distribution to Tennessee this summer, following a successful launch in Florida.

Oak & Cane is the result of first generation American rum runners, co-founder Cameron Grace, a native of Florida, and co-founder Joe Villatico of Massachusetts, who oversees sales and distribution from their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Sharing backgrounds in the beverage industry, Cameron & Joe have combined their skills and know-how with their passion for rum to produce an authentic, artisanal spirit that pays tribute to America’s original spirit and culture while encompassing an innovative sipping experience.

Having worked on world-class brands, both Cameron & Joe were determined to create a premium product that preserved the heritage and authenticity of Rum, while continuing to maintain the integrity and flavor of the Florida native spirit. As a result, they created Oak & Cane. “It was extremely important for us to respect the authentic  ingredients of Florida and their historical significance in American culture,” said Grace. “This is a project that developed out of a passion to create an authentic, but also enjoyable sipping spirit native to North American culture. Oak & Cane’s production processes are artisanal, hand-crafted methods that have been mastermind from one generation to another, and the entire production process – from distillation, to bottle production and bottling, to labeling – are all implemented in Florida”Oak & Cane embodies its name by focusing on the traditional methods of Rum production that require particular attention to detail: hand-harvesting the sugarcane, pressing the fresh sugarcane juice,  Double distilled (Pot/Column), bathed in fresh orange peels, and well rested for 6 months, on White American Oak with a medium toast.

Oak & Cane boasts a single but distinct expression, Artisan Gold, and plans to expand to an American Anjeo sometime in 2020. With a suggested retail price of $34.99, the flagship Artisan Gold, delivers both authenticity, quality and value making it a fast favorite in both the on- and off-premise realm.

As part of the continued effort to promote the new culture of American sipping spirits, the company has created a campaign to promote new ways to enjoy rum as as sipping & craft cocktail spirit called #rethinkrum. This will help educate consumers on the brand, the different types of rum, its production process, recipes and more. For additional information visit oakandcane.com or to purchase for your location in Tennessee please contact ajaxturner.com.